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6x Challenging study programs at Fontys Eindhoven

You are looking for a challenging study program, and we're sure you'll find it in Eindhoven. Whether it's the quality, the job opportunities, or a memorable study period: Eindhoven is the place to be. Fun fellow students and enthusiastic teachers included! Here are our tips for excellent study programs at Fontys Eindhoven.

Master | Digital Technology Engineering (Fontys Pulsed)

Ready to design the future? With this two-year master, you will dive into the technological challenges of today and the future. You specialize in digital technologies and learn more about statistics, data analysis, machine learning, software, hardware, artificial intelligence, and digital product development. You will also develop yourself in entrepreneurship and design thinking. In short, you will prepare for an exciting digital engineering career.

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Bachelor | Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

ICT is quite a broad field, so at the beginning of this program, you choose a profile that suits your interests best. The choice is extensive: from technical and business to creative. Later in the program, you will specialize in a particular area, which will help you develop into a unique ICT professional. From innovative technology to cyber security and from artificial intelligence to the internet of things. You will make it in the world of ICT!

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Bachelor | Communication

Students of this study program love people. Soccer fans, badminton players, artists, lawyers, it doesn't matter. Here they want to know what moves people, what makes them curious, and what their biggest dreams are. Because that's exactly what communication is all about! In this program, you will learn to inspire people and connect them with your ideas. You will work on real business challenges and get to work practically. Real go getters: this is your place to be!

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Fontys ICT InnovationLab

Bachelor | Applied Psychology

Are you curious about people's behavior, thoughts, and feelings? Do you want to learn how to explain behavior and positively influence people? Then this four-year bachelor is for you! Starting in the second year, you will work with companies and put your skills into practice. Sounds great, right? Is your answer a definite yes (or an enthusiastic maybe)? Then take a look at the Fontys website and dive into the world of psychology!

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Bachelor | Mechanical Engineering

We can keep it short when it comes to this bachelor: if you accomplish this degree, you may design roller coasters. How cool is that? For those who are not yet convinced: In mechanical engineering, it's rolling up your sleeves and putting on your safety goggles. With this program, you are going to make it (maybe even literally)! Improve machines, invent new products and 3D design. In short: top-notch engineering.

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Master | System Design

Let's start with a small test: complex systems, engineering, and technical interaction. Did these words make your blood run faster? Then we have found the perfect master for you: System Design. In this master's program, you will work with complex systems and machines and learn how to be the technical spider in the web. After two years of hard study, you can start working for well-known companies such as ASML or Prodrive. So you will be doing exactly what this city is known for, creating technology on a global scale. 

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Do you already know what you want to study? Or do you still have no clue? Visit the Fontys open day and get to know all the different study programs. Enthusiastic teachers and students are ready to help you find a new course at Fontys.

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