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7x The best student jobs

Finally, the time of your life has begun! Making new friends, crashing parties, and occasionally going to college. If this sounds familiar, then you probably eat nothing but instant noodles and peanut butter sandwiches. Student life is expensive. Is there an easy fix? The short answer is: yes. The slightly longer answer is: get off that couch and roll up your sleeves. Time for a side hussle! With a part-time job, you can earn extra money, gain experience, and eat something tasty on your bread for once (peanut butter and hagelslag). We list the best student jobs for you.

(Bicycle) courier

Always dreamed of having a giant Fruittella (those chewy square fruit candies) on your back? Probably not, but as a bicycle courier, you pick your own working hours. Ideal for working alongside your studies! Forget the gym (save some more money) and get on your bike. Big tips and exploring the city included. You can deliver groceries at Flink or deliver meals via Thuisbezorgd. Rather see yourself without a giant backpack? At Picnic, you deliver groceries with an electric car. It looks just as weird but takes a lot less effort. You can also drive packages around at PostNL for an excellent hourly wage. In short: as a courier, there is much to choose from.

Coffee bars

Try saying this out loud: "What can I get you?" (Or, for extra credit: “Wat wilt u drinken?”) Did that sound confident? If so, apply for a job at one of the many coffee bars in Eindhoven. They are always looking for staff; even without experience, you can get a job here. A little experience is a big plus, of course. Some of these spots require you to speak a little Dutch, but it’s not always a requirement. The best part: coffee bars are often only open during the day. This gives you time to study or have a beer in the evening. Check out our coffee hotspots; maybe you'll find your future job here.

Lucifer Coffee Roasters


Stocking shelves, helping customers, or operating the cash register. Of course, we're talking about working at a supermarket. Just about every supermarket is looking for help in the evenings and weekends. Great to do next to your studies! You can work at an Albert Heijn supermarket near you or at the AH To Go at Eindhoven Central Station. You can also find vacancies at Jumbo, Aldi, Lidl, Hema, or Spar. Because you work together with other students, you might even make new friends while stocking shelves. Sounds great, right?

Tapping pilsner

You probably like sitting at a bar and have nightly adventures, but have you considered getting behind the bar? There, you can earn your vacation (and have nightly adventures after closing time). Eindhoven is bursting with pubs, cafes, and events where you can work behind the bar. Start singing along while drafting beers in a pub on Stratumseind, dance to the hardest techno in the Klokgebouw while serving shots or chat with the regulars in a café on the Wilhelminaplein. Work has never been such a party. While we're here: two beers, please!

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Student jobs at TU/e

Do you want to combine work and study? TU/e has got you covered. Here they have several student jobs, which allow you to put your studies into practice. So you don't have to go far to earn some extra money. From the lecture halls, you can head straight for work on campus. These jobs also look great on your resume; you can use the experience in your future career. Sounds like just the thing for you? Check all vacancies for TU/e students here.

Can't choose?

Are you reading this article and thinking: “I love all these jobs, (even that Fruittella on my back), I don’t want to choose!” No worries! At a student employment agency, you don't have to. If you sign up with a temp agency, they present all the jobs in this article and many more. This way, you gain a lot of experience and try various things. Because you do temporary jobs, you are not tied to anything. Super convenient if you want to be flexible! You also get to visit many different places in the city and get to know Eindhoven even better. Convinced? Then take a look at Temper, Young Capital, or Recruit a Student for a part-time job. What will you do first?


Do something with your studies

After so many side jobs, we would almost forget about your studies. You can earn money with that, too. How, you might ask? Many companies are looking for students who can perform simple organizational tasks. Are you studying architecture? Then make technical drawings at an architectural firm. Are you studying marketing and communications? Then find a company where you can update the website or socials. Whatever you're studying, companies are eager for your (cheap) talent. This way, you earn money and gain experience in your field. Spice up that resume!