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6x Music Schools

Are you looking for a new hobby or are you ready to give ear to an undiscovered talent? With its rock past and present, Eindhoven is the place to be. From (online) piano lessons to full-fledged music education, these music schools will help you on your musical journey.

Rock City Institute

Eindhoven has several nicknames which Rock City is one of them, for a good reason. The city has a raw passion for music genres such as metal, punk, and rock & roll. A perfect place for the Rock City Institute, where they educate you to become a music professional in three years. 


Are you a layman when it comes to music? Let Muziekfabriek Eindhoven help you with that! The music teachers here help everyone from beginners to advanced students to reach a higher level, including free fun. Want to get to know them first? You can plan an online trial lesson for free.

CKE Music School

You will find a suitable offer of music lessons at CKE, a local institute for cultural education. Here, you can follow practical lessons for singing & musical instruments, plus they will teach you all about the theory behind it. They also offer courses and workshops in dance, photography, and theater. 



Whether your music career can use some freshening up or has not even started yet, Music School MijnMuziekles helps you discover your (hidden) talent. They have about eight locations. This way, a lesson in guitar, violin, or even DJing is never far away.

Centrum voor Pop en Jazz

Can’t wait to start? The Center for Pop and Jazz is more than happy to help. You will try the instrument of your choice during your very first lesson. For the fanatics among us, they also offer workshops. Djembé course, anyone?


For the ones with a golden voice: do you remember the Share the Vibe tunes by Nova Borgers? Besides being an artist, she is also a singing teacher at Rock City Institute and Singshop. At the latter, they help you develop your vocal techniques and performance art.