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9x Acting and theatre classes

Have you always dreamed of acting? Would you love to be somebody else sometimes? Or do you just want to learn to be free and happy on stage? There are various courses and companies in Eindhoven that you can join. From student theatre to improvisation classes, you’ll find all of them in this list.


A theatre company that is very accessible to new members. No auditions or ballotages. In September, BASTA! traditionally starts the season with three introductory evenings. This way you can get to know the club, the members and the directors of the coming season freely and without obligation.


From September, you can register again as a 'playing member' with the Eindhoven Student Drama Association. Participate in a production with text theatre, composing, cabaret, physical theatre and much more.

United Cowboys

Collective of international performance artists based on the Kleine Berg. United Cowboys also offers masterclasses that focus on 'radical presence'. Balancing between power and vulnerability, you'll be guided in being increasingly free on stage.


International Theatre Collective Eindhoven

ITCE is theatre for and by expats in Eindhoven. The previous shows at Pand-P were well-attended (sold out!). For new projects please contact:


Eindhoven amateur company that strives for a high level of acting, working with professional directors. In recent years Proskenion has played classics (Hamlet, Medea) in a modern way, but also Dutch plays. In 2017, the director wrote a current and brand new play.


Company with a very long history dating back to the time of Anton and Gerard Philips. The association is still very much alive with workshops, performances and the annual Sinterklaas play, which is made in collaboration with theatre group Ariëns.



Home to amateur art and cultural education in Eindhoven. Here you will find everything in the field of theatre and performing arts, from directing lessons to improvisation theatre. For the young and the old.


For more than twenty years Dulcinea has been involved in improvisation theatre and theatre sports. There are regular performances in Pand P, but you can also book the company for workshops and training sessions.

Dikke Duim

If you want to try theatre sports, sign up for one of the classes of Dikke Duim. Here you will learn various techniques of improvisation theatre, such as trust, letting go and eventually also playing scenes without a script.