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Eindhoven from A to Z: Brewers

Beers, beers, beers! We love everything life has to offer, especially beer. And we're not just talking about the art of drinking it. Blond, tripel, 0.0, IPA, double, bock, and of course, the classic pilsner, we brew it all with pleasure on Eindhoven soil. That's why the B in the Eindhoven alphabet stands for none other than our beer brewers.

They once called Eindhoven the City of Light; nowadays, we go through life as the design capital of the Netherlands. But we used to go by another nickname:  brewery city. Eindhoven was one of the frontrunners when it came to beer in the previous century. During the heyday of brewing, the city had more than 30 (!) breweries. Now we know where that fondness comes from. The last brewery closed in 1953, but our brewers didn’t go anywhere. Now, the local brewery scene is back, and better than ever. Young, innovative breweries have opened their doors in recent years and have already won quite a few beer awards.


Take, for example, Van Moll, 100 Watt Brewery (also known as the City Brewery), Brewery het Rijkshotel, Brewery Het Veem, and Rabauw. Let's not forget the enthusiastic homebrewers, because after all, it's about the people — Unique people, if you’d ask us. Headstrong, innovative, and friendly. They are all that! But the real strength of the beer brewers? Lies in collaboration. They like to come together during beer festivals, taste their brews at trendy hotspots and old brown pubs, and create limited editions with local entrepreneurs. As the cherry on top, Van Moll, 100 Watt Brewery, and its Tilburg sister, Stadsbrouwerij 013 opened a brewery together called Lighttown Brewery


Get a taste of the beer culture

Ready to dive into the world of beer? Start with a tour, for example, at the City Brewery (where you can get to know the brewers). You can pick up a copy of the book 'The old breweries of Eindhoven' there. Once you're familiar with the art of brewing, you'll surely appreciate these beer spots and breweries. Got a refined taste already? Then it's time for your own glass at a beer festival: Van Moll Fest and Beer & Big.

Eindhoven from A to Z

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