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Eindhoven from A to Z: Natlab

Eindhoven pulls in all kinds of interesting folks – but hey, we don't need to tell you that anymore. After all, you've come this way yourself (wink, wink)." But did you know, there is a place in town so special that even Einstein wanted to see it with his own eyes. Welcome to where Eindhoven's innovative DNA was born. Let’s tell you more about Natlab.

So, why did Einstein land in Eindhoven? Well, back in 1923, Philips opened the doors to the Natuurkundig Laboratorium (Physics Lab) at Strijp-S. It was like a scientific playground where genius minds went all-out crazy. They cooked up practical experiments that birthed some game-changing inventions. Picture this: experts dabbling in radio waves and birthing the CD right here! It was groundbreaking, caught eyes in the science world, and boy, did it turn heads. 


Besides the guys in lab coats being totally stoked, these inventions kicked off something big. Philips (and, by extension, Eindhoven) began competing on a global stage. That whole innovative vibe caught on, and today it's still alive and kicking in loads of tech companies around here. The Natlab spirit lives on in companies like ASML, NXP, Additives Industries, and the many groundbreaking startups from Eindhoven.

And guess what? The old Natlab at Strijp-S has had a glow-up too. So, why visit Natlab these days, you ask? Simple: it's a culture extravaganza. Natlab doubles up as a cinema and theater, dishing out a mix of films and events. Summertime is a real treat for movie buffs – Natlab takes the show outdoors in the courtyard. If Einstein was still around, he'd totally be there, no doubt.

Eindhoven from A to Z

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