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Eindhoven from A to Z: High Tech Campus

What do you get when you bring together more than 12,500 techies, leading companies, the best facilities, and a flock of sheep? That’s right: one of the most innovative places in Eindhoven is inhabited by bleating sheep. Welcome to the smartest square kilometer in the Netherlands! Of course, the H in the Eindhoven alphabet stands for High Tech Campus.
You may have noticed that in Eindhoven, we love to collaborate, and we've gotten pretty good at it over the years, if we may say so ourselves. By bringing creative and bright minds together, we created an energy that the average Eindhovener can't get enough of. Where can you experience this energy? At the frontrunner of open innovation: the High Tech Campus.

What makes this place so unique? To understand that, we have to go back more than 60 years. In 1964, Philips' first research & development location opened here. For the tech newbies among us, that's a place where techies test their ideas. Slowly but surely, more facilities were added, and the High Tech Campus grew into an ecosystem of 300 innovative companies where more than 12,500 bright minds collaborate daily. From the beginning, open innovation has been the common denominator of all companies. This means that companies help each other with knowledge and use shared networks. Real teamwork!

However, (bland) office buildings don't exactly make for an inspiring work environment. That's why you'll find all sorts of facilities on the High Tech Campus, making it a great workplace. Plenty of greenery is ideal for a pleasant stroll during lunch break. You can break a sweat in the gym, and on The Strip, you'll find various eateries like Love My Curry and Grand Café the Lucky Swan to enjoy lunch or drinks together. What more could you want?

Not a techie, but still want to admire this special place up close? You can! The campus is perfect for a bike ride, especially when combined with a tour of the Genneper parks. The cafés and restaurants are also open to the general public.

Eindhoven from A to Z

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