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Eindhoven from A to Z: TU/e

For a wet T, you'd better move to The Hague (it's in the way they speak). The Eindhoven T, undoubtedly, stands for all the bright minds who come up with the solutions for today's challenges. Where will you find them? At Eindhoven University of Technology, naturally From student teams to building Atlas and from architecture to industrial design, in this edition of the Eindhoven alphabet, we tell you more about TU/e.

What started in 1956 as the second institute of its kind in the Netherlands grew into a leading technical university where Eindhoven's brightest minds work and learn. This place offers bachelor's and master's degree programs within a range of nine faculties About 12,000 students visit the campus behind the central station every day. If you are ever lucky enough to see the campus, be sure to stop by the Atlas building with its famous cathedral ceiling.

TU/e Atlas

At TU/e, the student teams take center stageshowcasing Eindhoven's remarkable strength: unconventional partnerships. The 40 different teams work on various projects to make the world a little more beautiful. Take Team Solar, for instance, who are pioneering innovative solar cars that offer a vision of tomorrow's mobility. At the same time, Team InMotion is dedicated to creating a car that recharges as quickly as a pit stop at a gas station, while Team Polar is charting unexplored territories in Antarctica with their remote-controlled rover. Pretty awesome, isn't it? To learn more about all the teams and their incredible projects, simply click here.

Enjoy student life

Eindhoven students aren't just brainiacs; they've got the social edge too. That's why our city's a hotspot for all sorts of student clubs, sports teams, and cultural gatherings. Whatever floats your hobby boat, you're bound to find an Eindhoven crew for it. It's how students from TU/e, as well as those from Fontys Hogeschool and Design Academy Eindhoven, gather and mix.  During the yearly introduction week, they infuse Eindhoven with energy, and on a regular Thursday night, you will find a student association in nearly every pub on Stratumseind. Cheers!

Eindhoven from A to Z

Curious about what defines Eindhoven? We asked newcomers, enthusiastic visitors, and locals alike. The outcome? The ultimate Eindhoven alphabet – from Area 51 to the Z of 'Zachte G'. No idea what that means? We'll tell you all about it! 

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