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How to celebrate PSV becoming Eredivisie champions

For anyone living under a rock: Eindhoven's pride, football club PSV, just won the Eredivisie, the national football championship. Want to get in on the action? No worries, this guide will tell you exactly how to celebrate our victory like a true Eindhovener.

Join the big celebration

The big celebration is on May 6. It'll be one big party, and the festivities begin whenever you like. If you'd rather hit the streets with the masses, the Stadhuisplein fills up around 14:00. The players will jump on a traditional flatbed truck at the Philips Stadion (more on that below) for a victory lap through the city. They'll arrive at Stadhuisplein for the official celebration at 18:30, and the party will kick into high gear.

How can I avoid the crowds?

If you’re in the city center, you can't! And as a proper football and Eindhoven fan, you shouldn't want to. But if Stadhuisplein is a bit too crowded for you, the Markt and 18 Septemberplein will also celebrate the championship in grand style. The official festivities last until 20:00. When the square is full of people, you’re out of luck. That's an extra reason to get there early.


What about that flatbed truck?

Some traditions in Eindhoven are non-negotiable. We're talking about the flatbed truck, called ‘platte kar’ in Dutch. Inspired by a rural tradition where farmers would ride through the village on a cart to celebrate noteworthy achievements. Since the 1970s, the PSV truck has been an institution; no celebration without a victory lap on the platte kar. PSV is the only top club in the Netherlands that celebrates their victory in this manner. They're showing that the 'farmers' have beaten the city boys. Farmers refers to the chant ‘boeruhh, boeruhhh’, which is Dutch for farmers. 

The route starts where it all began: the Philips Stadion. From there, the player's truck will parade through the city for 1.5 hours, ending at Stadhuisplein. Find a spot along the route if you want to see the PSV players shine. Wave, smile, cry, cheer, all support is appreciated. Are you wondering about that mysterious booth on the flatbed truck? We've looked into it for you; it's a portable toilet, for players who drink one victory beers too many. Our heroes are only human, after all.

What are we drinking? 

Bavaria! Although any type of beer is fine, as long as it flows freely. Did you know Luuk de Jong prefers vodka? We'll overlook that since he's becoming champion with PSV for the fourth time. Just be careful: you're not allowed to bring glass or cans. City guards and police in a grim mood can give you a fine. Fortunately, bars are everywhere to grab a drink.


What do we sing?

Every club has its own songs and chants. The official club song goes like this: ‘Voor Rood-Wit gezongen. Vol man'lijke kracht. Een lied met ons allen, want eendracht maakt macht’ (which roughly translates to 'Sing for Red-White. Full of manly strength. Sing with all of us, because unity is strength'). You'll also hear 'Wij zijn Eindhoven' (We are Eindhoven) by Showtek, the goal song, and ‘Hier in het Zuiden’ (Here in the South). Ten minutes of practice, and you can join right in. If you don’t speak any Dutch, stick to the simple chants: 'Boeruhh, Boeruhh' (Farmers, Farmers) and 'Peesjevee Eindhoven'.

What do we wear?

In case it wasn’t obvious, shirts from that club in the capital are a no-go, and jerseys from other clubs won't be appreciated either. So what then? How about a cool shirt from the PSV FANstore? Preferably classic red-white, but any shirt showing your love for the club will do. True fans make their own championship shirts. That way, you're sure to make an impression and have a nice keepsake. With a club scarf, cap, pin, or a THE VIBE item, you're also good to go.

How else can you show your support?

A fan of PSV is a fan of Eindhoven. And vice versa. You'll notice that most during a home game. During those games, 33,319 PSV fans cheer for their beloved club and the city. That feeling of connection and euphoria is almost indescribable. A match at the Philips Stadion is an absolute must to show your support. So be sure to cheer on our heroes at least once next season.


As long as you cheer as hard as the real fans, no one will question your knowledge of the club. Want to impress your friends? Learn these PSV trivia by heart:

  • PSV last became the champion in 2018.

  • Luuk de Jong is the top scorer this season with (at the time of publication) a whopping 31 goals.

  • It is the first time since the 2012-2013 season that PSV scored at least 100 goals in the Eredivisie league. Back then, the tally reached 103.

  • Peter Bosz has been the coach since 2023.

  • PSV has the longest-running soccer sponsorship worldwide, by Philips, of course.

  • This season, PSV has been beaten only once in the Eredivisie league.

Need a wildcard?

  • Such a shame Dest is injured, right?