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Future bites: 4x Food designers

Food designers come in all shapes and sizes. In Eindhoven they often have a background in design and their focus is on a combination of innovation, sustainability and experience. Hungry for future bites? Then read on at your own risk ... because might serve you cravings!

Doreen Westphal - Botanic Bites

Botanic Bites makes tasty burgers and snacks from plant-based products. Doreen founded the company three years ago to market delicious, healthy snacks better for the environment and the climate. She previously won the award for Most Sustainable Product at the Amsterdam Food Pitch. She won with Choonk, juicy pieces of 'rescued oyster mushroom feet.' Sounds exciting. This award means something: the product is sustainable and damn tasty.

You can buy Botanic Bites snacks at Makro (in Best), from 27 June at Lidl throughout the Netherlands (under the name Farmer and Foodie) or at Bar Bistro Calypso on Stratumseind. And, like every year, during the Dutch Design Week on the Ketelhuisplein!

Now the big question remains: where to get these goodies? Well, at Makro Best, the Lidl in the whole (!) of the Netherlands (under the name Farmer and Foodie). And, as every year, during Dutch Design Week.

28 grams of happiness
28 grams of happiness

Chloé Rutzerveld - Edible Growth

As a food designer and critical thinker, Chloé explores new ways of producing and consuming food. In 2014 she graduated with a 3D-printed edible ecosystem and held a Tedx Talk about it in Canada. There is also a book: a compilation of her work. She also got an offer to curate an exhibition for the NEMO Science Museum.

Chloé enjoys thinking about the future and likes to occupy herself with questions about what will be on your plate in 2050, where it comes from, and how it tastes. With her projects, she researches new forms of food production accessible to a broad audience. The approach is science and technology, but there is also room for a layer of speculation and future thinking,' she says. Will we soon be eating insects en masse, for example? Are they tasty, and how will we produce them on a large scale? Beasts without wings, nice and tender? That's the question.

Synesthetic Dinner

Annelies Hermsen - Bokken Bouillon

Annelies is in the middle of a spice mixing process when she picks up the phone. Her father taught her the love of good food years ago, and in Eindhoven, she specialized in designing at the Design Academy. Now she advises food companies and develops products that help start a conversation about the impact of food. About food waste, for example. Why do we eat goat cheese but not the meat from the goats? She developed the Bokken Bouillon (broth from goat bones), winning the Sustainability Award at the Amsterdam Food Pitch. In addition, she and Dick Middelweerd created the starred delivery meal (which she got to serve to the King!), and she was a moderator for our first season of Hungry for Design.

Food waste prevention and health (what are healthier options in your kitchen?) form the basis of Annelies' concepts and productions. Curious about her work? During DDW, the Eindhoven-based food designer opens the doors of her studio on the Halvemaanstraat (near Piet Hein Eek).

Remedy cocktail
Remedy cocktail

Katinka Versendaal - The Eatlier

She is the founder of The Eatelier, a food design studio in Eindhoven, and alumna of the Design Academy Eindhoven. Katinka Versendaal is a gastronomic futurologist, as she calls herself, and in her work focuses on a sustainable, healthy, and tasty future for food.

Throughout the year, she investigates what technical-scientific developments and socio-cultural trends mean for the way we eat. Once a year, during DDW, everything comes together for a large audience. It is the moment when she bundles her insights into several shared dinners. Previously, a dinner dedicated to whether you can promote emotional well-being with food. The insights from that research became a book: 28 grams of happiness. Also really cool: The Remedy Bar in collaboration with PHOOD.

Hungry for Design: season 2

What happens when you combine design and gastronomy? In Hungry for Design, top chefs from Eindhoven design a dish with local design talent. Chef Mounir Toub - from 24Kitchen and Kook mee met MAX - is this season's host. Join us for spectacular dishes and tasteful conversations! 

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