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5x Art exhibition spaces

Have you visited all the museums for (digital) art on our list? Or do you never get tired of places to discover art? Say no more! You can enjoy even more art at these exhibition spaces. 

Albert van Abbehuis

This former villa of Albert van Abbe serves as a multi-platform for contemporary art exhibitions, hackathons, meet-ups, interactive workshops, performances, and groundbreaking lectures. All at the intersection of design, technology, and science.


At TAC, they don't talk about contemporary but temporary because that's how the Temporary Art Centre began. The incubator hosts intriguing exhibitions of emerging Eindhoven talents from all disciplines. So designers, (visual) artists, and photographers (you name it) get the chance to exhibit their work. Oh, and there is also a very cozy hidden courtyard garden. 

De Fabriek

Hidden behind the Hoogstraat are the impressive halls of De Fabriek. Once a bookbinding shop blessed by the priest, now fertile ground for artists from home and abroad. They invite artists in residence who can stay for up to two months. Want to stop by for a visit? Fabriek also regularly organizes interesting exhibitions that you can pop in for.


United Cowboys

At United-C or United Cowboys, an arthouse on Kleine Berg, you can find everything from dance, performance art, and installation art. United Cowboys is more than a venue per se; in fact, they also organize many exhibitions outside their famous walls. 

Kelderman & Van Noort

KEVN, aka Kelderman and Van Noort, is the self-proclaimed home of makers and viewers. The former classrooms of this converted school building now serve as exhibition spaces for shows on everything between art and design.