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Step in the Arena: 3x must-sees

On June 10 and 11, you can Step in the Arena at the Eindhoven festival for graffiti lovers. During this weekend, artists from around the world will be showing their skills on the city's biggest canvas: the Berenkuil. But that's not all there is too see and do. No idea where to start? Check out our tips!

The Berenkuil

This unique spot at Insulindelaan called the Berenkuil (Dutch for ‘the Bear Pit’) is home to Step in the Arena. Bring your friends and family, enjoy food and drinks, and see how artworks slowly come to life. From graphic designs and colorful letters to photo-realistic portraits and cartoon characters. In other words: get ready to have your mind blown!

Graffiti for kids

Several Eindhoven primary school children will compete in the Kids Battle. The winning school can place a piece in the Berenkuil on Saturday. Is your class not participating, but would you still like to spray paint graffiti? There is a special kids area in the Berenkuil, where young enthusiasts can practice on canvas.

Step in the Arena 2022

The wonder-world of street art

Want to take a deep dive into street art? This year's Step in the Arena Extra, a panel talk and film showing in De Fabriek is all about political activism, security, and the graffiti scene in Afghanistan. One of the speakers, Afghan artist Malina Suliman, will share her experiences with fellow writers. But, there's more! This night marks the start of a unique exhibition featuring three talented artists from Eindhoven. The exhibition is part of UCMasters, an unforgettable evening full of exhibitions, performances, and live music. Check the program for all the details. 

June 9 - De Fabriek, Baarsstraat 38 

Bonus tip!

On Monday and Tuesday after the festival, it's time for Step out of the Arena. Several well-known artists will stay in Eindhoven and paint murals on walls made available by the municipality in the alleyway called Achterom, behind LAB-1.

Good to know: all activities are free to visit.