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9x Restaurants in de Bergen

In de Bergen, an artistic district filled with characteristic buildings, you will find lots of restaurants. Whether you want to have all-day breakfast, score a quick lunch, or dine endlessly, it's all possible here. Want to prepare yourself? Check out this list of nine tips!


Meneer de Boer

With their 'breakfast all day' concept, Meneer de Boer has earned a spot on this list. Here they serve everything from fluffy pancakes and homemade granola to a full English breakfast. In short, they serve everything 


Would you like to try a local (breakfast) snack? In Eindhoven, a worstenbroodje ‘sausage roll’ is a typical snack and is a must-try. Luckily you don't have to go far for this specialty, Houben Worstenbrood and their self-proclaimed 'tasty tradition' can be found on the Willemstraat. 

The Corner

Do you want to wake up quietly with the sound of sultry jazz in the background? Then we advise you to visit The Corner. Besides the good music taste of the owner, you can go there for a good breakfast: pancakes, freshly baked granola, or even a bowl of delicious lentil soup.

MeneerdeBoer_foto_Max Kneefel
De Bergen



From breakfast to drinks, you can visit Loods61 all day. This time, we recommend it as a lunch spot. What to eat? The choice is vast, from sandwiches to summer salads, they literally have everything. A bonus: you catch the sun (almost) all day on the terrace overlooking a beautiful mural. 

Jimmy Green

Green, greener, greenest! Jimmy Green is a real go-to if you love healthy food. The menu consists of burritos, bowls, soups and toast, and thanks to the daily fresh ingredients you'll never want to eat anything else. 


If you love French bistros, then reserve a table at L'Avenue. They serve wine, good coffee, and dishes to share (or not), all with a French twist. Our tip: get a seat at the front of the restaurant for a view of de Kleine Berg!

The Roast Club - Max Kneefel



Do you know that feeling of sitting on a terrace and you don't really want to leave but it's dinnertime? Then the self-proclaimed city cafe Mathilde is the place for you! Sit back and order snack platters, flammkuchen, and bites. All those snacks together will fill you up like dinner. 


On the Bergstraat, you'll find a hidden restaurant where they serve typical flavors from Rio de Janeiro and Lisbon. Aprazível literally means a nice place to be and that's exactly what it is! With their extensive menu, you are sure to satisfy your hunger.

The Roast Club 

At the end of de Kleine Berg, you will find The Roast Club. As the name suggests, they know everything about grilling: from a tender piece of meat to roasted vegetables. Also fun: sister Bar Republic for drinks & bites.