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5x International bakeries for sweet treats

With more than 150 nationalities, Eindhoven is a vibrant multicultural city. And that is evident in our local bakery scene. That means there is a sweet treat for every sweet tooth or dough lover. Croissants, babkas, baklava. We want it all! Join us in discovering some of the tastiest international bakers and their delicious sweets.

Hizmet Bakery

Lovers of Turkish delicacies may join the queue (yes, the queue on Kruisstraat). Eindhoveners are fan of everything they bake at Hizmet. Take their baklava, for example. This sweet pastry is made with layers of filo dough, nuts, and sugar syrup. Make sure to try other Turkish sweets like kurabiye (traditional cookies) or simit (a piece of round bread with sesame seeds). Do you prefer a heartysnack? Try börek, a delicacy made of puff pastry with a savory filling.

Bakkerij Bruxelles

At the Woenselse Markt, you'll find Bakkerij Bruxelles specializing in ... Moroccan bread, pastries, and more. The baker himself does come from Brussels, hence the name. In addition to classics like fried rolls and msemen, a Moroccan pancake (not sweet, but very tasty), you can order almond cookies and sellou, a nutty 'crumble cake' traditionally eaten at parties and other social events. Delicious!


Sweet Dreams Bakery

Go big or go home. That’s what owners Aralys and Amar thought when they started their bakery. Right in the center of Eindhoven, they are making their dreams come true. And those dreams are sweet. On the menu: American baked goods, including cinnamon rolls and pecan rolls, New York cheesecake, and huge cookies in all sorts of flavors. Oh, and the coffee is just as good as their baked goods!

Pasta Sarayi

Turkish desserts are also available in Tongelre. As it turns out, Turkish restaurant Pasta Sarayi is also pretty good at making sweets. If you want to try something new, skip the baklava and opt for kanafeh, a buttery cake made of ‘angel hair’ (wafer-thin strings of dough). Or try trilece, a kind of cake made with three types of milk.

Turkish Tale

Tahini cookies, rolls, brownies, marble cakes, baklavas. No matter what your favorite Turkish treats are, you can get them at Turkish Tale. Everything here is made by owner Hale Amus, who knows all there is to know about Turkish cuisine. This shouldn’t come as a surprise for someone who wrote the Bible of Turkish Cuisine.

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