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Nice and cold: 6x Iced coffees

Nothing beats a cold drink on a scorching hot day. We’re talking about an all-time favorite: ice coffee! From frappuccino and iced latte to an espresso tonic. This refreshing drink is available in just as many variations as its hot brother. We guess you probably fancy some ice-cold caffeine by now. Well, come on and check out our tips!

‘t Koffiehuisje

Affogato, americano, cappuccino, and even an iced chai latte. They serve them all freezing, well let’s not exaggerate, ice cold at Koffiehuisje. Find them hidden behind the PSV stadium; it’s the perfect hangout on hot days.

Fifth NRE

With inhouse coffee roasters Sprout, Fifth NRE never disappoints when it comes to espressos and lattes. And the iced coffees are just as good! With a scoop of vanilla ice cream or plain and simple. Not only do they keep it cool when it comes to coffee, the large outdoor seating will help you escape the burning hot sun. Totally cool. 

Ijskoffie Einhdoven

Luzt Gastrobar

Not only Instagram-famous but also famous at Luzt.: the cocktails. But, wait? Wasn't this about iced coffees? Yes! But sometimes, a refreshing cocktail with a hint of coffee can be quite delightful. Especially on a sunny day. So, feel like something stronger? Opt for an espresso-martini! One of our faves. 


No fuss: have yourself a seat at Queen Hotel, just across the street from Luzt. A great place to hang out in the blistering heat (there’s lots of shade), and they serve a mighty refreshing iced coffee. It’s like a reward!


The Lucifer coffee roasters know how to make a good coffee. But they outdo themselves in the summertime. Have you ever tried their espresso tonic? Wonderfully refreshing with ice cubes and slices of orange. Yummy!  You will find Lucifer at two locations in the city: on Kleine Berg and at the Kennedyplein behind Eindhoven Central Station. 

ZwartWit Koffie

We can't choose because ZwartWit at the Victoriaplein has it all. From iced americano to iced lattes, and from  iced chai latte to espresso tonic, and espresso ginger beer. You can actually order any coffee iced at this place. Tell you what, we'll start with the espresso martini with kahlúa and vodka. Cheers!