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13x Alternative kids parties

Attention to all parents! If your child's birthday is coming up in spring or summer, an outdoor party is a great option. Are you looking for places to host an original and active 'kinderfeestje'? We've got you covered! Host your kid's next birthday party at these thirteen(!) sites, and it will make some incredible memories for sure. Have fun!

Treasure hunt @Philips Fruittuin

What could be more fun than romping around among the apple and pear trees of the Philips Fruittuin? This treasure hunt will keep the kids busy: the many cool assignments will take through the entire orchard. Done hunting? Take your little one and their friends to the playground. And enjoy self-decorated pancakes at Pannenkoekenhuis de Proeftuin afterward. 

Graffiti workshop @Strijp-S

At Strijp-S, Can Gallery organizes fabulous graffiti workshops. Everyone gets a wooden canvas of 120 x 60 cm on which they can create their artwork. Are all the cans empty and canvasses filled? Then the kids can bring home an excellent souvenir of this (new) graffiti experience! 

Climbing and sliding @the playground

Are you celebrating a birthday party during spring or summer? It will be one lucky birthday because the outdoor playgrounds are open again! Time to enjoy some fresh air and start climbing, sliding, and swinging. Tip for parents: sit back and relax. Some favorites: speeltuinvereniging Philipsdorp, Speelpark de Splinter, and Sint Joseph Speeltuin. For just a small fee you can have fun all day. 

Stunting @Urban Sportpark

Gather all stunt scooters and inline skates! Another budget-friendly option is the brand new Urban Sportpark. Let the kids bring their gear, and the fun can begin. Let's do some jumps and tricks on the coolest ramps in Eindhoven. Provide some delicious cupcakes and lemonade, and your kid's party is complete. That's what we call a party! 


Building inventions @Ontdekfabriek

At the Ontdekfabriek, you can build fabulous birthday parties all year round. From making race cars from wood (and testing it out on the racetrack) and drawing cartoons to diving into the green screen studio. Lots of fun stuff to do. During spring and summer, they host even more fun stuff outdoors! 

From laser game to survival track @Op Noord

An exciting sports activity is the answer for kids with lots of energy. At Op Noord is where it's at. Like competing on the 17-meter survival track or playing laser games at the beautiful outdoor venue. Daredevils could also try to jump off the four-meter high pole to the trapeze. Have fun with games such as a hexathlon, a GPS trip, or catapult shooting. In short: the kids won't forget a party here anytime soon!

Get help @WildWoozt

You may already know them as a 'buitenschoolse opvang' (with lots of outdoor activities), but there's more! WildWoozt also organizes fun children's parties in the woods or at adventurous places in the city. Let the team organize your entire party or help you with the idea and materials. It's up to you!


Performance @Muziekfabriek Eindhoven

Are you a born pop star, or have you always wanted to be a DJ? Celebrate a musical children's party at the Muziekfabriek. Learn how to mix, spin and hit the highest notes. Make your own musical instrument, get painted as your favorite singer, and feel like a pop star for a day!

Climbing and clambering @Klimcentrum Neoliet-Noord & Zuid

Want to experience something really adventurous together with your friends? Go climbing at the climbing center Neoliet. Climb the highest walls under the guidance of an instructor. In addition to climbing, you can also go treasure hunting and search for the big abseil in the speleobox.

A magical party @De Sprookjeskamer

An enchanted party at the De Sprookjeskamer. You can choose from different types of parties here. Choose a photo shoot, decorate your picture frame and dress up like a princess. Or a cake workshop where you will make your own cake, decorate it yourself, and then get to eat it all!


Light up in the dark @Glowgolf

Glowgolf is all about adventure. You play mini-golf in a fantastic fluorescent decor, making it even more adventurous. From science fiction and spaceships to the Jurassic Zone: you'll encounter it all along the way. The unique 3D glasses make the experience even more remarkable: the floors, walls, and scenery seem to have depth, and the game becomes even more challenging.

Get lost and find your way back @Escapeloods Eindhoven

It's time to travel through space! At Escapeloods Eindhoven, kids can step into the spaceship with their friends and solve mysteries. At the same time, they will be travelling to the year 2102. Cool! Besides an exciting escape room, they can also step into the virtual reality world and battle with friends. Let the battle begins!

The ultimate detective adventure @City Sherlocks

As icing on the cake, the young detectives among us can get their brains cracking during challenging adventures. More and more answers will gradually emerge during the City Sherlocks routes. Can you figure out all the tasks, questions and clues? Not only will you learn more about the city, this will also help you solve the final mission. Also fun for adults! Download the app and go exploring!