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4x Exciting escape rooms in Eindhoven

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Do you have nerves of steel, sharp senses, common sense and a healthy dose of confidence? Do you dare to take on the challenge and escape in time? Then definitely pay a visit to one of the following escape rooms in Eindhoven.

Next Level Escaperoom

The interactive rooms at Next Level Escaperoom excite all your senses and make it an unforgettable experience. Whether you're visiting with colleagues, friends, family or with your date, it is a exciting challenge for everyone. 


At Escaperoom040 you can choose from five different rooms, each with its own theme and level of difficulty. Go for the room which suits for you and your company and try to escape within 60 minutes. 

Escaperoom Strijp-S
Escaperoom Eindhoven

Xitroom Escape Game

Can you solve the secrets that are hidden behind the door of the Xitroom? Let yourself be carried away in the story of Professor X and Madam X, crack the safe and try to escape as quickly as possible from all the strange events. 

Escape Room Strijp-S

You can choose from a variety of rooms at Escape Room Strijp-S, such as the Disco Inferno, where you can dance and listen to music. Or choose the trendy yellow camper, once inside, you can take a look Down Under and cruise on Route 66. Would you like to compete with your friends? Choose the Battle Room!