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6x Out and about with the kids

May vacations, Ascension, Pentecost and a dozen more study days. Blink twice, and it's the summer holidays again. In short, time to make some memories. Therefore, we have made you this list of fun activities with the kids. Let's hit the trails and go for it!

On adventure @preHistorisch Dorp

With the brand new activity booklet, you can experience the most exciting adventures in preHistorisch Dorp! Learn how to make a fire, design an amulet or build a mini-farm. You will discover the history by carrying out exciting assignments alone or with the residents. In short: lots to do! PS The activity booklet is given to you free of charge upon entry.

Picnicking in the orchard @Philips Fruittuin

Enjoy a walk through the apple, pear, and plum trees in the orchard, followed by a delicious picnic basket in the Philips Fruittuin. It's good to be in this lovely piece of greenery on the city's edge.

Wake up the animals @Eigen Wijs Boerderij

The petting zoo in Philips van Lenneppark is home to chickens, chicks, guinea pigs, rabbits, lambs, pigs, peacocks, bees, bats, donkeys and (if you're lucky) storks. Sometimes there are turtles and alpacas too! If you are an early bird, you can come and help at 10 o'clock. Then you can wake up all the animals together and help feed them. Hard work should be rewarded: have a delicious ice cream afterwards! 

Building, drilling, soldering @Philips Museum - until 6 May

Get to work with tinkering, mechanical building, soldering, sawing, drilling, 3D-drawing, and 3D-printing. The Museum Kids Factory in the Philips Museum is intended for children aged 8 to 12. But for children from 5 to 8, there are also plenty of things to do!

Prehistorisch Dorp
Dieren Philips Fruittuin

Spotting Scottish Highlanders @Stratumse Heide

At the edge of Stratum you can walk straight into the forest. The Stratumse Heide is friendly and varied for children, with high and low areas, dry and wet places, many fens, and various animals. So you're sure to find frogs here, and hopefully a Scottish Highlander or two. Channel your inner Freek Vonk!

Hiking @Genneper Parken

In the Genneper Parken, you can constantly discover new paths, trees, and animals. Take a nice walk along (and over) the water, enjoy the animals at the Genneper Hoeve, and run up the little hills opposite the farm. And, weather permitting, eat ice cream from La Toscana at the watermill. Still got some energy left? Then cross over to the Ton Smitspark, and enjoy the new playground for kids.