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7x Birthday activities for adults

Bowling, going to a water park, or eating a Happy Meal at McDonald's: most of us have fond memories of our childhood birthday parties. As an adult, you often have to make do with some friends and family coming over for a drink or cake. Lame! We believe adults deserve a fantastic birthday party too. So check out our birthday activities for adults!

Liquor workshop at Bottle Distillery

On Kanaaldijk-Zuid, there is a Valhalla for spirits lovers. From gin to vodka and from limoncello to bitters: Bottle Distillery has it all. You can just have a drink (or six) at the tasting room, but it becomes truly festive if you make your own drinks. A bit like a home-cooked meal, you just taste the accomplishment. Unless you're a lousy chef. Anyway, at the Bottle Distillery, they teach you how to make gin, rum, or spiced liquor. Success guaranteed. You also get a tour with plenty of booze tastings, so you definitely won't leave this place sober.

Playing the new-fashioned way with VR

No matter how old you are, it is always healthy to give your inner child free-rein once in a while. You've come to the right place at Enversed or The Park. At these VR centers, you dive into virtual reality with VR goggles. You can play all kinds of games or try to escape from the virtual escape rooms. Whatever you choose, you can have a shamelessly good time here. 

Bottle Distillery

Extraordinary dining at Dinner in Motion

Dinner in Motion calls itself a 360-degree restaurant. Of course, you can usually take a 360-degree look around you in a regular restaurant, but there will be a lot less to see. At Dinner in Motion, you get a luxurious six-course menu. Each course consists not only of food, but also of a remarkable projection on the walls and your table. The only possible drawback is that you are no longer the center of attention. Perfect for introverted party people. 

Boules, drinks and bites 

In our Tinder dates special, we already paid tribute to pétanque, and for a good reason. At Mooie Boules on the Kleine Berg or the Boules Bites Bar on the Dommelstraat, you can easily spend a few hours playing. Enjoy throwing balls, a snack, and a drink. This is the closest thing to an old-fashioned children's party. Just without children, perfect!

Dance the night away at RGB Disco 

Fan of silent disco parties? At Stratumseind, you can go wild every weekend at the RGB Silent Disco. With three channels on the headphones, there is always something to dance to. And without the headphones on, it's quiet. Perfect if you want to be sung to by your friends at midnight. Don't feel like going out? You can also order a Silent Disco at home. Your neighbors will be grateful. At least, more grateful than if you play dance hits at full volume all night.

RGB Disco

Festive cocktails 

Do you prefer to just have a drink with your friends but want to make it a little more festive than a regular night out? Opt for cocktails: a party in your glass! Our tips? Bobby’s Bar on the Kleine Berg, VANE Skybar on the Vestdijk or Het Kleine Café on the Wilhelminaplein. Bat your eyelashes at the bar staff, and who knows, they might design a unique birthday cocktail just for you.

Happy birthday to you and other serenades

Some people love to be sung to on their birthday. Are you one of those people, and is one ''happy birthday'' not enough? Then a visit to a karaoke bar is a must for your party. Recommendations are Ameezing or Villa Karaoke at Stratumseind. Let your friends request songs like Happy Birthday (Stevie Wonder), It's my party (Leslie Gore), and Never Grow Up (Taylor Swift), and you'll be the center of attention all evening.  

Happy birthday!