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Summer fun: 6x awesome kids camps

The summer holidays are almost here! No lunch boxes and fruit snacks for a while. No gym bags and library books. And certainly no squashed bananas at the bottom of backpacks. Chill! Although it often turns out that six weeks can be quite long. But wait, check out these six fantastic summer camps! Give yourself some free time and your kid the time of their life!

Summer Camp

Want to learn English in a fun way? At Summer Camp, they believe in 'doing' English instead of learning it. So here you do everything in English: from tinkering and playing to singing along to the camp songs. Sounds like fun!

IVN Natuurontdekkers

Near Eindhoven is this active outdoor camp for nature explorers! You will be climbing and mountain biking at a beautiful spot between two stream valleys. But there are also fun adventures in the evenings: searching for owls, catching moths, and of course, great evening games!

KIKA KinderKampen

Enthusiastic volunteers have ensured unforgettable summer weeks with the KIKA camps for over sixty years. What can you expect? Playing in the woods, hiking, sleeping in tipi tents, and having fun together! The camps are at different locations in Eindhoven and Veldhoven, so check out which one is closest to you.

WEET IK VEEL! festival


Another genuine Eindhoven concept, and always in the last week of the school vacations: the Beukweek! At a beautiful location in the Wasven, you can let your hair down with games, treasure hunts, and a new theme every year. The Beukweek is a day camp; only the oldest kids may stay overnight on Thursday. 

WEET IK VEEL! festival

Another one in the last week of the vacation is the WEET IK VEEL! festival. This one is for lovers of technology, design, media, culture, research, and exercise. From building and freerunning to learning to program and virtual reality. In short, a super fun week at various cool places at Strijp-S!


Wildwoozt is an active after-school program (bso) - from skating to jumping in a ditch - but at Wildwoozt they also have great summer activities. Take a look at the schedule and choose what you like! You do not have to go to this bso to participate in the summer activities.