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8x The best Carnival parties

Carnival is just around the corner. You love it, or hate it. But there's no escape! From 9 February to 13, it's time for the best party of the year. We made you a list of eight parties you don't want to miss. So, markt your calendar and we will see you in Lampegat!

Stratums Vurrafke

How to jumpstart your Carnival? Well, don't skip Stratums Vurrafke. Practically every pub on Stratumseind is offering generous discounts between 2:11 and 9:11 p.m. This way, you will save money for the rest of the weekend, win-win! 

Tent on the Mèrt

Having trouble finding the right hangout? You can't go wrong at the Markt. Every day features a different theme, such as crazy Monday and mad Tuesday. O, and only the best artists will perform: Vieze Jack, Alpenzusjes, Gebroeders Ko, Wolter Kroes, they're all on the list. Let's get this party started! 

Café Wilhelmina

Get ready for five days of Carnival: confetti in your hair (or wig), crazy costumes, and the longest conga line in the South of the Netherlands. At Café Wilhelmina, it's going crazy no matter what! A little too busy inside?  In front of the café, at the Wilhelminaplein, there will be plenty of fun all week long during Salon op het Plein!

Carnaval Stratumseind

Lampegat Pride @D'n Schuur

During Carnival only, the gigantic festival tent D'n Schuur will rise in front of the Paterskerk. On Monday, February 12th, it will turn completely pink. Especially, for a sprinkle of pride during Carnival. Enjoy spectacular shows, or show off your most fabulous dance moves! 

Ameezing Carnaval

Warmed up your vocal cords? Fantastic, go grab that mic! Hanging around Parktheater on February 9th? Sing the hottest hits at top of your lungs during Ameezing Carnival.

Carnival with the Bolhoedjes

Gather all your friends! But only if they wear bowler hats. At the Effenaar, you can basically drink beers non-stop, and party with your fellow bowler hats. Sing along to Dutch hits (and other guilty pleasures from the 90s). Don't know the lyrics? Nobody will notice ;) 

Carnaval Markt
Carnaval Markt

Stropdas Kroegentocht

Every year, Carnival Sunday is dedicated to the Stropdas Kroegentocht (also known as the Tie Pub Crawl) on Stratumseind. Managed to get a ticket? Lucky you! It's completely sold-out. So, keep your tie nice and safe; it's worth a lot of beers. Even without that fancy little tie, you can enter all the cafes and have a beer. PSA: We're not responsible for any hangovers.

Octoberfest @Stadhuisplein

Party machen, jawohl! Put on your lederhosen and head to the Stiefel palace at the Bavaria Beer Hall on Monday, February 12th. Holding that 0.5L beer boot (the Stiefel), you won't get thirsty! Try not to spill any beer with bustling acts like the FeestDJRuud, John West, and Immer Hansie. Jetzt geht's los!