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7x Buying a christmas tree

Bye, bye, Sinterklaas. Hello, Christmas tree! Are you looking for a charming tree for the holidays? Whether you're into buying, renting, or even adopting one, we've got you covered! Check our tips for a vendor in your neighborhood.

’t Boerder-Ei-Ke

If you want a Christmas tree fresh off the ground, you need to visit 't Boerder-Ei-ke in Blixembosch. Here you will find beautiful blue spruces and Nordmans, homegrown on the soil of Aanschot. Good quality and super local. 

Kerstboom Outlet Eindhoven

Almost in the heart of the city center, you will find the Kerstboom Outlet Eindhoven (Christmas Tree Outlet Eindhoven). This outlet on the Stratumsedijk offers three types of trees for every budget, from basic ones to A-quality Nordmanns. Open daily (Sundays by appointment), so what are you waiting for!

Beter Boompje

Do you feel like it's a shame your Christmas tree only gets to shine once? At Beter Boompje, you can adopt one! You order the tree online and then pick it up at Liek, Fifth NRE or the Ketelhuisplein. At the beginning of January, you return the tree, and it'll be brought back to the forest.

Scouting Angelo Roncalli

Buy a Christmas tree at Angelo Roncalli and the proceeds go entirely to the Scouting. The sales point is located on Locatellistraat and offers all types and sizes of trees, from funky tabletop models to five-meter high spruces.

Beter Boompje
Beter Boompje


Looking for a Christmas tree in the area of Strijp? Mr. and Mrs. Van Grootel have been selling Christmas trees from their backyard on the Zeelsterstraat for years. Buy your tree here and get that warm Christmas feeling for free!

Soontiëns Tuincentrum

At Soontiëns everyone with a green thumb leaves the shop with a smile on his face. And for a fresh-cut Christmas tree, this is the place to be too. Extra fun: join the Christmas wreath or Christmas arrangement making workshop in December!

Bouquet Exclusief

Want a shiny Christmas tree, but without the hassle? Then we've got news for you: just rent one! At Bouquet Exclusief they like to make life easier for you. Just give them a call, and get a fancy tree, including decoration and installation, to make your Christmas an unforgettable one!