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7x Boutiques for fancy party outfits

You look great! No question about that. Your style, outfit, and appearance are all tip-top. But even you are going the extra mile this holiday season. Treat yourself to that glitter dress or that slick suit; you ARE that party! But where do you buy this splashy new outfit? We'll get you started with our tips.

Dressed to the nines at Walther

At men's fashion store Walther on Bergstraat, you can score outfits that are so well put together you could almost call them works of art. They don't call themselves an exhibition space for clothes for nothing. From stylish basics to challenging prints: at Walther, they shy away from nothing. The staff is happy to dress you up from head to toe so that you will look perfect this festive season. 

Sustainable style at Vielgut

At Vielgut, they believe that something only fits well if it's well-made. Fair trade clothing made from sustainable materials. So your karma is well taken care of when you shop here. And your exterior won't be left out either, as they sell carefully selected clothing (for men and women) from the hottest sustainable brands. 

Timeless fashion at Vintage VĂȘtements 

Want to make sure you don't run into your fashion twin? Then score a unique second-hand gem at Vintage VĂȘtements at Strijp-S. Here, you'll find clothes that will stand the test of time. And even better: at Vintage VĂȘtements they sell fancy labels, but they don't label you. Everything is gender neutral. As long as you're happy, they're happy! So come here for clothes that enhance your personality.  

Vintage Vêtements
Vintage Vêtements

Scandinavian class with a raw edge at Mensroom

Looking for an outfit that excels in quality and simplicity? Then Mensroom on the Kleine Berg is the right place for you. From classy jeans to leather jackets, and from sturdy boots to festive shirts. The garments here are made of beautiful materials. Durable and timeless, but certainly not ordinary. Outfits from Mensroom will make you look good at a party, but you can easily wear them to the office as well. 

Extravagant dresses from De Galazaak

Are you reading this piece, and thinking: okay, nice, classy basics, but where are the glitters, ruffles, sequins and sky-high splits? Say no more! You want to check out De Galazaak on the Hoogstraat. Here they sell party dresses with a capital P. Whether you're looking for that perfect little black dress, or for a gala dress that stands out in every crowd, you're bound to succeed here. 

Add color to your life at Scotch & Soda 

As people from Eindhoven we would not readily admit it, but Scotch & Soda stands for all the good things about Amsterdam. Free thinking, individuality, authenticity and the power of self-expression. Scotch & Soda gives modern fashion trends a twist. Do you have a ballsy sense of fashion? Then this holiday season, go for one of the extravagant prints or fits they sell here. 

The perfect party outfit at Guts & Gusto

At Guts & Gusto on the Hermanus Boexstraat they have a special party collection. From trendy glitter tops to sexy dresses, and from party tights to accessories that complete your outfit: Guts & Gusto has it. Even if you're looking for an outfit that doesn't require you to plunder your bank account, this is the place to be. 

More shopping fun

Nothing more fun than scouring the shopping streets in search of a stunner of an outfit. Even more fun if you manage to score that one unique item. Where's the best place to do so? At local boutiques, of course. We listed 'em for you. 

To the local boutiques!