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6x Places for sweet gifts

The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, right? Especially during the holiday season. Just think about all the delicious dinners with friends and family. And if you ask them if they have room for something sweet after yet another feast, the answer will be a wholehearted YES! Whether it's a delicious dessert, a tasty snack, or a sticky sugar bomb, with sweet treats, you'll make (almost) everyone happy. Here are our tips for sweet gifts.

Sweet sins at Pinkie Patisserie

At Pinkie Patisserie, they know how to amaze you. Here, they turn delicious pastries, cakes, and treats into true works of art. They create bold flavor combinations, always with an exciting twist. The assortment is enormous: from sweet pastries and cakes to an extensive high tea. When are you heading to Pinkie to taste all that goodness?

Big gestures in tiny cookies at Dutch Homemade

What could be better than a handmade macaron? How about a handmade macaron that you gift to someone else? Exactly! It doesn't get much sweeter than that. For extra-large (and therefore better) macarons, go to Dutch Homemade. These impressively delicious macarons are the ideal gift for the connaisseurs among us. Besides macarons, they also have bonbons, and delightful ice cream. The place to be!

Happy sweets from Intelligentia Taste Rooms

Be amazed by gourmet ice cream, pastries, and unique tea and coffee specialties at Intelligentia Taste Rooms at Strijp-S. This anything-but-ordinary ice cream parlor is run by ice cream enthusiasts and (tea) sommelier Björn Cocu. Immerse yourself in amazing flavors and cheerful colors, and treat your friends and family to something delicious. Ask the helpful ice cream makers for advice, and you will find the perfect sweet gift here.

Intelligentia Taste Rooms
Intelligentia Taste Rooms

Vegan Valhalla

In the event of disastrous consequences after a hefty bite of dairy, Viola's Patisserie offers the perfect vegan alternative. Yet, the pastries and cakes are still too pretty (and too delicious) to eat, but vegan, sugar- and gluten-free. That way, you will still keep that sexy waistline!

An overload of candy at Jamin

Will you go for wacky gumballs, the sourest of sour mats, or a giant gummy bear? Can’t decide? Then you're in for a challenge at Jamin: Eindhoven's largest candy store. Here, you will find special candy which will surprise even the biggest sweet tooth. The colorful store is a feast for the eyes, and you will certainly not leave empty-handed here. 

The ultimate holiday snack: Oliebollen

The only question you need to ask yourself this holiday season: with or without currants? Of course, we're talking about oliebollen! The trick is not to eat your fill before New Year’s Eve, but who are we kidding? We promise you will make almost everyone happy with these greasy (and sweet!) bites. Where to get them this year? We've listed the five best spots for oliebollen for you. Enjoy!