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24 hours with Claudia

Claudia van Schilt is completely in love with Eindhoven. So in love that she organizes free walking tours so that others can enjoy the city as much as she does. Her tours start at the Philips Museum and focus on the off-the-beaten-track places in Eindhoven. 
She is married and is the proud mom of Lola. "In my 24 hours in Eindhoven, I take you to the places I like to visit. I love coffee, vintage shopping, street art, and of course children's shops". 


9:00 Exploring Woensel-West

Claudia's perfect day starts in the Woensel-West district. You can reach this up-and-coming part of the city with a short bike ride from the city center or take the train to the Strijp-S Station and walk to the Edisonstraat. "I like Jungle Café for breakfast. Everything they serve here is vegan, and I love their banana bread and the nice coffee of Bocca. It's also a very nice place for kids."Woensel-West

Jungle Café
Jungle Café

After breakfast, Claudia likes taking some time to look at the unique shops in the street. At Van Alles en Co, you'll find excellent vintage home decor items as well as coffee, and at Hella's Home, you can go wild if you like colorful children's stuff and toys. Claudia also has an excellent tip for lovers of street art: "Walk down the street between Black & White and Valli's Corner and discover beautiful works by local artist Niels Bakkerus."

11:00 Onwards to Strijp-S

From Woensel-West, it is a short walk in the direction of Strijp-S, the former Philips factory site. On the ground floor of Het Veem, one of the former factories, you will find Vershal het Veem. "I like to get fresh tea, herbs, and nuts here. When you step out on the side of Brewery het Veem and turn right, you'll come across another beautiful work by Niels Bakkerus under the bridge, called Strijps Bultje".  

Vershal het Veem

While you're at Strijp-S, stop by Urban Shopper, a collection of surprising shops. "Don't forget to shop your Eindhoven souvenir at Brainstores."

Claudia has a tasty tip from you: "On the same street as Urban Shopper, you will find Tea Stories. If you want to try a really good natural -so no chemical additives- bubble tea, then that's the place to visit. I always go for the Hong Kong tea myself. Very delicious!"

12:30 Lunchtime

To get to our lunch spot, we have to walk or cycle a bit. Claudia takes us to Fifth on the NRE site. "They have a very nice terrace and the most delicious club sandwich of Eindhoven. Really, you've never eaten anything like it before. If you still have room for something sweet afterward, I can recommend a walk to Pinkie Patisserie. Here you will be served true works of art."

Fifth NRE
Fifth NRE

14:30 Shopping on the Nieuwe Emmasingel

"When downtown, I always go to the Nieuwe Emmasingel. I like looking around at Homestock to see if I can find something nice for our house. I love home decor. Another one of my favorites is Bookstore Van Piere. Their book and magazine collection is so extensive. By the way, next to the cinema, you'll find a nice mural by Studio Giftig."

15:30 A visit to De Bergen

From the Nieuwe Emmasingel, it is a short walk to the cozy district of De Bergen. Here you will find one of Claudia's favorite coffee shops: Lucifer. "What's funny is that many visitors from outside the Netherlands think the name has something to do with the devil, but the name it's from the fact that there used to be a match factory here. Nothing devilish about it. The nice thing about Lucifer is the Brooklyn vibe that hangs there. My favorite drink is a flat white with oat milk." Do you want to enjoy their coffee at home? Then buy Lucifer End Blend.

Around the corner, towards the Bergstraat, you'll find two more of Claudia's favorites: Eeden Conceptstore and Mase Conceptstore. "Eeden Conceptstore offers a mix of their design and vintage clothing. Mase Conceptstore is the best children's clothing store in town if you ask me".

Eeden Conceptstore

18:30 Sushi for Dinner

Claudia knows what she wants for dinner: "I'm a real sushi fanatic. There are several great sushi restaurants in Eindhoven, but I prefer Mood Streetfood. Aside from the gorgeous interior, their sushi and sashimi are to die for."

20:30 Drinks

For a cozy drink, Claudia chooses Ginscal at Stratumseind. "A nice intimate affair with over 300 different gins on the menu and another 100 kinds of mezcal. Some nights offer live music. By the way, they also have a menu with all kinds of snacks. I've had a lot of lovely evenings here."

22:00 Sky bar and a good night's sleep

To end the day, Claudia chooses cocktails at Skybar VANE. Report to the reception of NH Collection Eindhoven Centre and take the elevator to the top floor. "The sky bar has a 360-degree view of Eindhoven. Weather permitting, you can enjoy the special cocktails outside on the terrace. If you're staying in Eindhoven, I would recommend the suites in this hotel, especially if you've always wanted to enjoy your view while taking a bath. Sometimes you have to treat yourself." Sweet dreams after this perfect day in Eindhoven.

VANE Skybar

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