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Testing, training and gaming: 8x virtual reality spots

What is happening in Eindhoven in the field of virtual reality and where can you play the latest VR games? A handy overview of startups, interest groups and places where you can test the virtual world for yourself.


At Strijp-S you will find one of the largest VR centres in Europe. Do the Google Earth VR, for example, and you can walk through Rome or New York in no time. Or play a VR game with your friends and colleagues. Enversed is an Eindhoven-based company that develops its own new VR experiences.

Nexxt VR

This VR centre travels the world to find the best VR games. From Arizona Sunshine to Deathmatch, you can play them all here. Nexxt VR uses the latest VR techniques and is located on the Mathildelaan in the centre of Eindhoven.

Manus VR

Manus VR develops gloves with haptic feedback. Finger and hand movements are translated in real time to your VR world. The gloves can store data and are used for training and simulations. Well-known customers are Nasa, Netflix and Airbus.

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Did you know that the Effenaar is not only a pop stage but also a place where you can test new VR-techniques? Large and small companies can experiment in the lab with VR, AR, biofeedback, 3D prints, sensors and full body scans.


With VRee, players can play games, train or practice esports with each other in a virtual environment from different places in the world. The platform supports developers in creating (full body) VR content.


Eindhoven-based company specialised in 'digital twins'. Companies can use the platform to virtually develop and test their production system. Prespective focuses on organisations in the high-tech industry, such as Vanderlande, Philips and ASML.

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Pillow’s Willow

Game developer from Eindhoven that released the VR game Exodus Burned two years ago, in which sports and gaming come together. Players put on a kind of harness and use their whole body to score points in the virtual world.

Hyperspace Institute

The fast-growing VR (and AR) sector also has its own branch association for some time now. The Hyperspace Institute at Strijp-S was set up to support companies in their search process on how Mixed Realities can and will have an impact on society.