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Eindhoven from A to Z: Joy of being yourself

‘Just act normal, that's crazy enough.’ A famous Dutch phrase to prevent you from acting too crazy, as you’re already crazy the way you are. Yes, we’re down-to-earth people, but at the same time, we're not surprised by anything. Because, let's be honest: there's nothing nicer than being able to be yourself. Whether you go through life as a tree doctor or a drag queen, in Eindhoven, we love you for who you are. So, the J is all about the joy of being yourself. 

In a city with 189 different nationalities lots of people come together, as you might have read in the I of International — which comes with: almost every cuisine is at your feet, and we join in on the festive spirit with international holidays like Diwali. We celebrate being yourself in many more ways, for example during Pride Week. In Eindhoven, we may not have a Canal Pride or Pink Monday, we do have our very own Pride Parade and we are always up for an extravagant party, drag brunch, or an evening full of moves during the Ballroom Functions. For more queer experiences, dive into our ultimate Eindhoven LGBTQIA+ guide.


How to be you in Eindhoven

If you haven't found yourself in the above yet, don’t worry! Being yourself manifests itself in many more ways. We won’t give you weird looks for pursuing extraordinary professions. Take a look at designers like Jalila Essaïdi and her bulletproof skin made ofspider silk, or Bart Hess with his famous slime dress custom made for Lady Gaga. Tree doctors and urban beekeepers can also find ground here. What can we say? We love a bit of geekiness. Even if it only remains a hobby, we make room for you. For example, at these five meeting places for game geeks. Our motto is: whoever you are or whatever you do, it's a good thing that you're here!

Eindhoven from A to Z

Curious about what defines Eindhoven? We asked newcomers, enthusiastic visitors, and locals alike. The outcome? The ultimate Eindhoven alphabet – from Area 51 to the Z of 'Zachte G'. No idea what that means? We'll tell you all about it! 

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