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5x Must-sees at STRP Festival

STRP Festival 2022

What choices do you make as an individual and can you ever separate them from the collective? The art and tech festival STRP revolves entirely around (digital) freedom this year, which you can explore from April 11th to 13th. No idea where to start? Then these must-sees will help you!


Would you intervene if you saw someone being bullied? And would your digital double do the same? In Captured, your digital version enters a simulation where your freedom of choice is limited. Bully, target, or bystander, the role assigned to you is the role you will fulfill — trapped in a digital body. The choice is no longer so much up to the individual, but to the collective. This research project by Hanna Haaslahti explores the effect of digitally expanding your physical world.

Shore of Dreams 

The freedom of dreams lies in the fact that not every idea needs to become reality: you can cling to a dream or let it go again. The interactive installation Shore of Dreams by Bianca Carague makes this interaction physical. Ready to let go of a dream? Make a drawing in the digital sand that symbolizes your dream and let it be carried away by the waves.


Playing Democracy 2.0 

Imagine you have the chance to change the rules of the game, would you do it to improve yourself or in favor of all players? And what if it turns out not to be about a game, but about democracy, would your choice be different? In Playing Democracy 2.0, you explore those questions and make choices in an active pong game. With this game, the designer Ling Tan won an ACT award. A real must-see, if you'd ask us. 

Dead Minutes Performance - Every day between 13:00 - 16:00

Perhaps you've wondered if there's an afterlife and what it looks like. What if you could shape the 'Land of the Dead' yourself? ACT award winner Tom K. Kemps outlines a possible scenario in the performance Dead Minutes. Would you prefer to explore what life after death looks like on your own? Then visit the installation outside of the performance!

BREEK x STRP - April 13th at 21:00

Have you heard about BREEK x STRP? Consider this your sign to go — because we're fans. Music has always been a big part of the STRP program, and this year is no different. Together with BREEK, they're closing the event in style: experience interactive artworks while enjoying futuristic techno tunes. This makes it both the ideal STRP tip and the perfect finale of the festival.

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