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STRP Festival for Beginners

The number one festival where design, technology, and knowledge come togetheThree days of inspiration and the place to experience what makes Eindhoven great. Of course, we're talking about STRP Festival. Is STRP new territory for you? Great, there is a lot to discover! We'll get you started with this beginner's guide.

What is STRP Festival?

To be honest: you have to experience it to understand it. In a nutshell, STRP is a festival with exhibitions, lectures, and music at the intersection of design, art, and technology. With this year's theme: A Matter of Freedom, STRP Festival stimulates the conversation on major social issues between visitors and creators. 

What is this year’s STRP Festival all about?

For most of us, freedom is simply part of our daily lives. But what does it mean to really be free? Sooner or later, your freedom will meet the limits of other people's freedom, reminding us of the fact that the battle for freedom is far from over. During STRP Festival, visitors - yes, you as well - are being challenged to rediscover the value and dilemmas of freedom. So, take a moment.

What to experience?

With an online program and a jam-packed agenda at Microstad, there's lots to experience. The big question is: where do you want to go? We have listed the highlights for you! This way, you will save some time digging through the entire program (you can thank us later). Note: you might like some help with finding the best tickets for your first STRP experience. Read more about this in our practical info guide.

What are the must-sees?

Actually, there's only one way to truly experience the STRP Festival: through a guided tour. In just one hour, you'll get a deep dive into everything the festival has to offer. After that, you can explore Microstad on your own. Another must-visit is the STRP Talks & Scenarios, where creators and visitors engage in conversations about the overarching theme: freedom. Highly educational! For all the night owls out there, this year music will have its own nocturnal program, of course combined with design and technology. Need more tips? Check out our must-sees.

Everything you need to know about STRP Festival

 We listed the most important info on tickets, transportation and hotels.

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