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STRP tip: Scenarios & talks

Listen up! If you've read our beginner's guide, you know that the STRP Scenarios are a regular festival feature. During these talks and lectures, you will dive deeper into STRP's current theme with the help of co-creators. This year's theme is 'The Art of Listening.' Want to see, uh, hear how listening can be elevated to art? For a tenner per session, you can visit a STRP scenario.


Microstad, located on Professor Doctor Dorgelolaan 2, Eindhoven. 

Need a ticket? 

For the STRP scenarios and talks, you'll need a regular STRP ticket. You can get one here. With it, you can reserve a spot at the talks and scenarios. Please note: spots are limited, so reserve quickly. You can also do so via the ticket sales page.

How to get there?

Microstad is a five-minute walk from Eindhoven Central Station. No need for a bike or public transport!

Why would you want to go here?

Do you want to know more about the theme of this year's festival? During the STRP scenarios and talks, you'll learn all about freedom and what it means to you, combined with new technologies, art, and design. Even if you attend one of the artist talks or scenarios, you've pretty much gotten your money's worth (especially as a student). But we can actually recommend all of them. Good to know: all talks are given in English.

Everything you need to know about STRP Festival

 We listed the most important info on tickets, transportation and hotels.

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