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5x Must-sees at BRIDGE Festival

Never miss a beat with our must-sees. We have listed five legendary events of the BRIDGE guitar festival for you! For example, learn all about modern techniques during one of the workshops, buy a brand new guitar, or return to the rocking 'seventies.' Let's rock 'n roll!

BRIDGE Guitar Convention

At Muziekgebouw Eindhoven, the BRIDGE Guitar Convention will take place on Saturday, 13 May: an immense guitar fair with dozen of workshops by world-class guitarists. Here you will find the world's biggest guitar brands and quite a few guitar builders with - you guessed it - guitars. From flashy electric guitars from brands like Ibanez and Hagstrom to unique (vintage) guitars from DejaWu and Martin Guitars. Have a look or try them out, and if you like them: take one home!  

When: 13 May
Where: Muziekgebouw Eindhoven


These educational workshops happen in three different halls of Muziekgebouw Eindhoven. In the Kleine Zaal, the workshops focus on using cutting-edge technology: boutique pedals, switching systems, Ableton applications, and more! In the other rooms, you can attend workshops by the masters themselves Marcel Singor, Remi Lauw, and Kevin Storm. Grab yourself a ticket right here.

When: 13 May
Where: Muziekgebouw Eindhoven

Robin Scherpen

Talkshow Guitar Inside

You can play the guitar in many different ways. Another great way to learn all about this instrument is to talk about it with your idols and like-minded people. Make sure to check out Guitar Inside, the ultimate guitar talk show. Talkshow? Chitchat, we'd better say. Every 'episode,' talk show host Eefke Boelhouwers and sidekick Niels Guns invite guests to the studio, bringing one object with them: from their very first guitar to a photo of a legendary show. You can join the live audience!

When: 11 till 14 May, at 14:30
Where: Meneer Frits

Heroes Night

Here are two nights with three guitar heroes on stage: the rock edition on 10 May in the Effenaar with none other than Leendert Haaksma (Anouk a.o.), Vedran Mircetic (De Staat), and Menno Gootjens (Focus). As well as the jazz edition on 11 May in Muziekgebouw Eindhoven with Martijn van Iterson, Reinier Baas, and Richard Hallebeek. The output? True magic!

When: 10 - 11 May
Where: Effenaar & Muziekgebouw Eindhoven

Everything you need to know

This year marks the debut of the spectacular guitar festival BRIDGE. We'll explain everything you need to know in the practical information, from the full line-up to all the ticket information. Looking for a bite to eat while visiting the festival? We got you!

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Free festival: 18 Septemberplein & Wilhelminaplein

Come to 18 Septemberplein and Wilhelminaplein on 13 and 14 May for lots of fantastic, free(!) shows. Return to the seventies with Jimmy Diamond's Americana indie rock, travel south with Voltage's South American blues rock, and go wild with Leif de Leeuw Band. Fun fact: the sympathetic guitarist Leif de Leeuw was voted the best (blues)rock guitarist in the Netherlands six(!) times in a row. So don't miss it! Check the website for the complete line-up.

When: 13 - 14 May
Where: 18 Septemberplein & Wilhelminaplein