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10x Unique outdoor drinking areas

Good news: it's that time of the year again! Outdoor drinking areas and sidewalk cafes pop up everywhere! So, sit back and relax. Want to enjoy a drink in the sun? We have listed ten unique outdoor terraces for you!

Van Alles en Co

Are you familiar with the Woensel Westside Stores yet? Here, you will find all kinds of shops and food spots like Van Alles en Co. A colorful coffee bar and vintage shop in one with a sidewalk cafe on Edisonstraat. What's unique about this place, is that everything you see is for sale, from the chairs to the vases. See someting you need to have? Just put it on the bill! 

Blue Collar Hotel

Outside the Blue Collar Hotel, you'll find a cosy and creative outdoor extension. It even has an outdoor stage, just as we can expected from this hotspot with a serious rock 'n roll mentality! 


An ultimate favorite is the sidewalk cafe of Stadsbrouwerij, better known as Café 100 Watt. The reason why? You've got the Dommel as your view and award-winning beers as a thirst-quencher. The picnic tables and the cozy courtyard garden make this place extra fun. Enjoy!

Terrace Kerkstraat

Residency for the people

Residency for the People is a lovely place to hang out in the little garden right next to St. Catharina Church - home of the church's former sexton's house. As the creative breeding ground for emerging designers, it is also a wonderful place for non-designers to have a cocktail or a glass of wine. Oh, and the dumplings, of course!


The sun-drenched terrace of Thomas can be found in front of the characteristic building. Back in the day, the building was used as a concert hall! Fun to mention: before COVID, no chairs or tables were allowed in the square in front of the church. Now, there are comfortable beach chairs, picnic tables, and large umbrellas for shade. After all, you'll have sunshine here all day long! Don't forget to check out the impressive murals inside the building.

Radegast 040 & DENF

Want to enjoy a drink with a view? Take a walk to De Witte Dame! Here you'll find two unique outdoor areas overlooking the transformed Clausplein. One of them is coffeebar DENF, where you can start your day with great coffee, breakfast, and the first touch of sunshine. Then easily slide to their neighbors, Radegast 040, for a wide variety of beers and bites! 

OST Sectie-C


You have to jump on your bike for this one. But that shouldn't be a crime when the sun's out. The multi-purpose hotspot OST at Sectie-C is a unique place for culture, events, or just for a drink and a bite. Simply follow the red chairs!


One of the spots that always feels magical is the outdoor area of the restaurant Ketelhuis. The tables scattered over the Ketelhuis square and containers full of new graffiti provide a stunning view of Strijp-S. Combine this with a refreshing drink and one of their amazing pizzas, and you're done! Looking for award-winning ice cream? Cross the square and head over to the colorful Intelligentia

Fifth NRE

The NRE area is not just any industrial spot transformed into a hip breeding ground. The place has a rich history as a gasworks site and a place for municipal utilities. Building five, nowadays better known as Fifth NRE, is a lovely urban spot where you can go for Sprout coffee, groovy dance moves in The Bar, and a fancy four-course diner. Traveling by bike? Have a break at café Cyklist

Kelderman en van Noort

For convenience, it is also known as KEVN. Here you can check out cool exhibitions, and settle down on the sunny terrace. The kids can have fun on the soccer field across the street while you enjoy the sun's warmth on your face.