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6x Juices and smoothies

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In need of some healthy refreshment? Fortunately, there are better ways to do so than wolfing down an extra helping of broccoli. At these six spots, you can score a delicious vitamin bomb!

CoffeeLab UC & Strijp-S

Eindhoven has not one, but two CoffeeLab locaties: at the central station and at Strijp-S. Besides being the place to be for (award-winning!) coffee, you can also go there for various smoothies. And to make it easy for you, they are named after their color: fit green, fit red, yellow & purple. 

Bagel & Juice

At Strijp-S and Downtown, Bagel & Juice is the place to be for juices and bagels (what's in a name, right). With more than fifteen juices on the menu, you are assured of a vitamin boost of your choice. 

The Happiness Café

Breakfast all day, every day! The Happiness Café is your ultimate breakfast spot, but actually, you can go there all day for everything that is healthy and yummy. And of course, that includes juices and smoothies. Just to clarify: they serve everything from ginger shots to their bright blue 'ocean' smoothie. 

Anne & Max


InfiniTea is a tea bar located in Vershal het Veem. Usually, visit this place for all kinds of loose tea, a tea to go, or a bubble tea, but their smoothie series includes, yes you guessed so: vitamin-rich smoothies. You can choose from an energy-boosting smoothie, a green healthy smoothie, or a tropical smoothie.

The Corner

Yamani Bounnou started a new hotspot at the Grote Berg, The Corner, only to turn it into the most delicious Corner of Eindhoven. Although the pancakes are highly recommended, we came here for something completely different: delicious smoothies. And you are going to love this: you can even put it together yourself. Highly recommended!

Anne & Max

In the self-proclaimed living room of Eindhoven, better known as Anne & Max, you can get fresh juices and shakes in addition to a portion of fun. Small, large, fresh, or sweet, every shake here is a colorful vitamin bomb.