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8x Indian restaurants

Eindhoven has endless restaurants with influences from all over the world. Indian restaurants are also amply represented. Yummy! We can tell you all about it, but it's better to have a taste yourself. We have made you a list of eight Indian restaurants throughout the city.


Foodgasm. A well-known phenomenon among food lovers. If you haven't experienced it yet, be sure to drop by Foodgasm on Kruisstraat. The Indian dine-in welcomes everyone for a moment of pleasure where, of course, it revolves around one thing: good food. 

Flavours of India

The name says it all: in this restaurant, you taste the different Flavours of India. With almost seven (!) sides, the menu of Flavours of India reveals a lot of diversity in flavors because each part of India has a different use of ingredients and spices. From naans to Bengali specialties, there's something to everyone's liking. Handy: they will ask you how spicy you want the food in advance. One thing left to say, Tongelresestraat 87. See you soon! 

Lekker India

Are you in the neighborhood of the Hoogstraat? Then please make a stop at Lekker India, even if it is for a takeaway. Choosing from many good dishes might seem challenging, but they're happy to help here. Do you dare to do it on your own? Then the advice is to order lots of different dishes. That way, you will always be on the right track, and you will get to know both the South and North Indian tastes. 

Touch of India

Do you like a tat traditional? Then you're at the right place at Touch of India (Geldropseweg). The preparation of the dishes is still according to ancient methods. For example, the chef will prepare the tandoori dishes in an Indian clay oven—an omen for the rest of the menu.

Bombay Street Food
Down Town Gourmet Market

Love My Curry

Love My Curry has been a household name for years in Eindhoven, especially on the High Tech Campus. The Strip is freely accessible, so don't let that stop you from stopping by. Note: Indian guests are also fans, so scoring a table might not be as easy as it seems. 

Bombay Street Food

Are you looking for a reflection of the Eindhoven restaurant scene? Impossible! Or is it? The Down Town Gourmet Market seems to have it all. This food market in the city center has some 21 food concepts with a spot for Indian street food. For samosas, dumplings, and kulfi (traditional Indian ice cream), stop by Bombay Street Food.

Rasamayi Foods

Okay, okay, we shouldn't count Rasamayi Foods as a restaurant, but still. Initially, it's a catering service, and nowadays you can also pick up food to enjoy at home. And you want to. From aromatic rice preparation, officially called Biryani, to delicious vegetable curries. Are you ready for real taste explosions? Make your way over to the Leenderweg. 

Krishna Vilas

Krishna Vilas, in brief: a hit. You don't need any more information, do you? At this restaurant on the Dommelstraat, you come for authentic South Indian dishes and delicacies such as idli and dosa: cakes of steamed rice and lentils and crispy pancakes, also made of lentils and rice. Yummy!