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8x Places to grab a drink

We hope that by the time you read this, it will be Friday, and you will be able to enjoy that well-deserved after-work drinks. Here are eight great spots to grab some drinks and bites. Cheers!


Are you looking for a cozy wine bar? One that makes you feel like you're in a French bistro? Look no further; L'Avenue on the Kleine Berg is what you're looking for (at least, that's our guess). All wines are great, but their sharing-is-caring-menu is where it's at. From Lé Bitterbal to eel on toast, choosing is near impossible. Why not try it all?


On to the almost neighbors! Mathilde is a great lunch spot, but having a drink and some bites is even nicer. You won't find any ordinary snacks here! Expect refined snacks that leave you wanting more. One charcuterie board, please! 

Lucie Cocina

Let's get Spanish! At Lucie, you are in Spain in one step. We can't explain the feeling. You have to experience it yourself. We can help you with the number of arguments why Lucie is ideal as a drinking spot. Authentic sangria and shared dining are two of them. Wine is also very 'importante,' if you ask them. We agree with that. 

Bottle Distillery


Cocktail lovers can indulge themselves at Ginscal on Stratumseind. This cheerful hangout is known for the largest selection of gins. Yum! It's hard to choose, but with 400+ drinks, you will for sure find the one. On to the appetizers: bruschetta, caprese, Venice-style meatballs. You'll satisfy your hunger with plenty of Italian deliciousness. 


In your quest for the best snack platter, you must, must, must try the Luzt plateau once. From oysters to vegan croquettes and from dried ham to rendang. The chef likes to change it up. We can highly recommend!


Beer, beer, beer! At Strijp-S you have to stop by Rabauw. This hotspot with a raw edge has only just settled down and is already a favorite. Complete your visit with a brewery tour and linger in the tasting room. Can't get enough? Take your favorite brews home!


Let's make something clear: there are plenty of places for drinks on the Kleine Berg. Welp is one of them! If only because of the terrace with a view of everything and everyone who passes by. A little warning: you'll be revisiting them before you know it, especially when you've tried their famous high gin. Pinky promise. 


The Bar at Fifth is the place to be on a Friday afternoon. Funky beats and old soul blasting through the speakers, glasses clink, and for those who dare, the floor is free for a dance. The snacks are good, and the chef's table is memorable. Tip: ask the bartenders for their signature cocktail. Enjoy!

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