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5x Tips for the real bookworm

Whether it's novels, literature, or history. As a bookworm, you just can't get enough books. We're not surprised because reading is fun, educational, and inspiring. But where do you find all these books? We listed the five best places to buy, borrow and read books for you. Here you will discover tons of reading material and get to know new places in town. Happy reading!

Eindhoven Library

Quite an open door, but of course 'The Library' cannot be missed in this list. In De Witte Dame you will find the Eindhoven Library. Here you have a choice of many books from all genres to read and borrow. Looking for a pleasant place to work? Then make free use of one of the flex workplaces here. You can also attend all kinds of events, workshops, and lectures. 

Van Piere Bookstore

As a bookworm, you love to see your book collection grow. Among other places, you can find new additions for your bookshelves at Van Piere Bookstore. This is the largest general bookstore in Eindhoven. Here you find an impressive selection of books, buy various gifts and drink award-winning coffee from Coffeelovers. Fun fact: this bookstore has been around since 1848.

Bibliotheek Eindhoven

Regional Historical Center Eindhoven

Dive into your own or regional history at the Regional Historical Center Eindhoven (RHCe). Here the oldest book dates back to 1549. So plenty to discover! You can schedule a visit on Tuesdays and Thursdays and get lost in their regional collection, consisting of books, journals, articles, and bibliographic documents.


Do you want to score books cheaply and support a charity? Then Books4life is the place to be! Here you will find good quality second-hand books at an affordable price. The books are donated by fellow bookworms, and the store is run entirely by volunteers. As a result, the total amount you pay for the books goes to charities like Amnesty International and Oxfam Novib. Amazing, right?

Mini library

Although you prefer to see as many books in one place as possible, you will be surprised by the beautiful books you can find in a mini library. In fact, you will be surprised by how many small libraries Eindhoven has to offer. There are as many as 40 scattered throughout the city. This way, you not only find that one top book but also get to know new places in town. Please make sure to take a book with you to give back.