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5x Valentine's Day for singles

Yup, the world is all about love once more. Everywhere you look are ads full of hearts and videos of clingy couples. And there you are, all by yourself. Maybe you're still frantically swiping in hopes of scoring a last-minute Valentine's date, or perhaps you're delighted to be single. Either way, dear singles of Eindhoven, we haven't forgotten about you. These are the best tips for a wonderful single Valentine!

A declaration of self-love with a box of chocolates

Self-love also goes through the stomach. So show yourself that at least one person still loves you, treat yourself to a massive box of chocolates, and eat them all by yourself. Quietly crying under a blanket on the couch is optional. We won't judge. The sweet chocolates of Chocolaterie Boulanger on the Markt taste great with your salty tears. Not so fond of chocolate? Then go for luxurious macarons from Dutch Homemade on de Kleine Berg. Or buy yourself a pastry (or two) at patisserie Pinkie on the Stratumsedijk. 

Pamper yourself with a massage or beauty treatment 

Many singles struggle with touch deprivation. Fortunately, you can just pay someone to meet that need. And by someone, we mean a professional masseur, of course. QoQo on the Willemstraat, for example. At their neighbors on both sides (No Hair Studio and Delete), you can get a full-body wax, just in case you do have a date coming up. Or you can go for a well-deserved beauty treatment. After a few hours at the SOAP treatment store on the Nieuwe Emmasingel or at Agua Spa & Beauty on the Wilhelminaplein, you'll look refreshed and ready for future dates.   

Swoon (or wallow) over the love of others

The ideal solo date is a visit to the cinema, such as Vue, Lab-1, Pathé, or Natlab. You can sit in the dark anonymously, and you don't have to share your popcorn with anyone. Choose a filthily sweet movie and look at what you are missing in your life from the comfort of your cinema seat. Don't want to be confronted with romance at all? Then opt for a fast-paced action film and let yourself get carried away by the suspense.

Pinkie Patisserie
Pinkie Patisserie

Buy more plants

Apparently, people who have been single for a while have more plants than people in a relationship. Probably because all that love has to go somewhere. And nothing says "I am mature and mentally stable" like a house full of healthy plants. So, Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to buy even more. Just admit it; you have room in your heart for an extra plant or two. Is your house truly ram-packed with greenery? Then surprise yourself with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Check out our tips for stores selling flowers and plants, and treat yourself!

Escape reality with a VR experience

Can't handle the harsh reality of being single anymore? Then you can always go to Enversed or Active e-Sports for a dive into the virtual world. VR goggles will catch your lonely tears, so no one has to see how miserable you feel. Top tip, if we may say so ourselves. Fortunately, you can also have a great time here as a happy single. Bring some friends, and you'll probably have a much better Valentine's Day than most couples. They are just staring at their phones in a restaurant anyway. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!