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Let's play outside: 6x outdoor activities for kids

In need of some inspiration for family outings? Outdoor adventures make the best memories. We’ve selected some great spots where children can play, discover, and enjoy the outdoors. Let's play outside!

Eigen Wijs Boerderij

Beware! This will be an instant hit for children. Learning, playing, cuddling (!) with all kinds of happy animal friends, it's all possible at Eigen Wijs Boerderij. A small selection of their farm inhabitants: farm cats, lambs, goats, chickens, and more. A crazy but beautiful mess!

Genneper Hoeve

Do we have a city farm in Eindhoven? Yes, we do! And it's called Genneper Hoeve. The estate lends itself to all sorts of (outdoor) activities: extensive walks and visits to the cheese dairy. To end off the day, we suggest you visit the farm shop for the freshest eggs, herbs, and apple juices!

Genneper Hoeve
Genneper Hoeve

preHistorisch Dorp (preHistoric Village)

We really shouldn't say this, but what comes next might be the perfect outing with kids. Because the preHistoric Village has been named the best museum in North Brabant for children. Why? It's possible to time travel at this open-air museum. Cool huh? You will experience the past and present in a new way, from smelling and tasting to exploring; this lively place guarantees an afternoon of fun.


You were looking for these, huh? The good old playgrounds are still a thing. Lashing back and forth on the seesaw, going down the slide, and fooling around in the sand. Nothing beats an afternoon at the playground. Lucky for you, Eindhoven has enough of them, including Speelpark de Splinter and Philips Lenneppark. Check them all out in this list.  

PreHistorisch Dorp

Philips Fruittuin

Not only will you learn more about growing fruit in the Philips Fruit Garden, but there is also room for lots of fun. The orchard is open for tours, treasure hunts, and apple picking days. Are you feeling hungry? An apple pancake from Pannenkoekenhuis de Proeftuin will fill you up. 


The Heempark Brother Simon Deltour is the perfect place to immerse yourself and your children in nature. What's so special about this park is the indigenous flora and fauna of Eindhoven. Mother Nature is the best, right?

Philips Fruittuin
Philips Fruittuin