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6x Yoga with a twist

Some find it a bit too spiritual. Others swear by it. Call it a sport, call it self-care: we are talking about yoga! Are you an enthusiastic beginner, or a yogi who could use some variety? From hot to magical yoga: we've made you a list of six yoga activities with a twist. Namaste!

Magic yoga at Motion Imagination Experience

From a place called Motion Imagination Experience, you can't help but expect something next level. A yoga class here is magical and immersive. On Wednesday evenings, you can go on a journey through the seven chakras while surrounded by beautiful projections and stimulating smells and sounds. Stick around for the afterglow and order yourself a cup of tea.

Zen again among the goats

Unwind amidst the goats togehter with Soulvibe at Eigen Wijs Farm. Escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and say goodbye to traditional yoga classes. Immerse yourself in the tranquil charm of goat yoga! Roll out your yoga mat in the picturesque goat pasture and indulge in an enchanting session with a bunch of curious onlookers. Cuddling is allowed!

Beat the heat during Hot Yoga Eindhoven

Hot, hotter, hottest! We already knew that yoga is (and will always be) hot, but have you ever tried the hot yoga classes of Hot Yoga Eindhoven? During Bikram, you practice hatha yoga poses in a room with a temperature around 38 degrees Celcius. It takes a lesson or two to get used to, but it working up a serious sweat has its advantages. Do you feel more at home in the Vinyasa Krama yoga or pilates? They have something for everyone!

Immersive yoga

Get real spiritual at SportCity

Just like Sundays, yoga sessions are sacred. And SportCity knows all about it. You can find this gym in the Gerardus Church in Stratum. They claim to have the most extensive yoga offer in the Netherlands. And while you’re on your back, you can admire the beautiful architecture of the church, so book that trial lesson! Learn to relax or give your all during one of the dynamic classes. Have fun!

Energetic yoga in the park with Kundalini Eindhoven

Physical, mental, and spiritual. Kundalini yoga is not for the faint-hearted, especially if you have never done yoga before. Even though this form is somewhat intense (in the past, practicing it even had a duty of secrecy), you will get a bulk of energy out of it. Kundalini Eindhoven can help you with its outdoor sessions in the Philips de Jonghpark during the summer months. Let the energy flow!

Calm kids with the help of Yogini

We can't guarantee that your kiddo will go through life utterly zen after one session, but one relaxed hour after the session should be doable. During a kids session at Yogini, children learn to deal with their thoughts and feelings and experience the now. Add some breathing exercises, and they (and you) will get through the day a little easier—something with as the twig is bent.