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8x Sustainable initiatives

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From clothing to organic food, you can find sustainable products in more and more places. That's good news for makers, users, and nature. You can also look for sustainability in vintage or second-hand goods. Discover these sustainable initiatives in Eindhoven.


When we say 'sustainability', you say Vielgut. This store on the Nieuwe Emmasingel is a pioneer in selling sustainable fashion. At Vielgut, you will find only authentic brands that have an eye for the world. For clothing, shoes, and accessories from brands such as Rains, Nudie Jeans, Freitag, and Kings of Indigo, you know where to go! 

CoffeeLab Strijp-S

CoffeeLab op Strijp-S at Strijp-S is a sustainable mini supermarket and coffee shop in one. You can go there for a healthy bite, such as vegan sandwiches, salads, and a snack platter. Everything on the menu is also available for takeaway. In the bio supermercado, you can shop for the best cookbooks and delicious products with a good story! 

Duurzame Weekmarkt (Sustainable Weekly Market)

Another initiative that will make you happy: the Duurzame Weekmarkt (Sustainable Weekly Market) atWilhelminaplein. It may be a small market, but it's big on sustainable action. The products on offer are always of organic quality, 100% fresh, and, if possible, homegrown. It is the perfect opportunity to score your daily groceries, such as bread, fruit and vegetables, and special delicacies.

Duurzame weekmarkt


In colorful Woensel-West, about 10 minutes from the city center, you'll find a vintage empire called YATVA. We're not exaggerating when we say that you'll find mountains of vintage clothing here. The owner, Yetunde, who is British by origin, buys her clothes in London, so you are always guaranteed to find unique pieces. This way, you can easily score a new outfit and be responsible for doing so. 


Liek is not your everyday supermarket. You may have heard that before, but it's actually true. We'll explain. This fresh market meets supermarket puts the importance of good, healthy and above all sustainable food first. To this end, they work together with local parties, providing the shortest route to your plate. Browse for fresh products yourself or be surprised by breakfast, lunch, or dinner from the test kitchen. 

Genneper Hoeve

Genneper Hoeve

Would you like to see up close how organic products are made? Then go visit the Genneper Hoeve. Here, typical Dutch cows graze outside in the summer, and they grow different seasonal vegetables all year round. In the farm store, you can buy quality products, such as raw milk farm cheese. 


At Hutspot, sustainability is of paramount importance. They offer young brands and designers a platform and are actively looking for brands that contribute to a better world. They set an excellent example with their own clothing line made of sustainable fabrics. Other sustainable and fair brands in their assortment are Het Zeeplokaal, Pinqponq, and HENK. 


Have you been to PHOOD Kitchen at the Campinaterrein? It's the world's first aquaponic farm restaurant where you'll be served sustainably harvested food straight from their own Phood Farm. As we speak, they are expanding their capacity to a 300m2 aquaponic farm. That means even more space for sustainability and room for lots of soul gardening.