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8x Home decor stores

Want to give your interior a boost? Some unique vintage finds and a good dose of Dutch design might help with that. Check out these nine interior design stores and home decor shops in Eindhoven!


Located on the Aalsterweg, is a true Walhalla for vintage-lovers called LOADS040. What to expect? An old warehouse filled with a colorful collection of vintage finds, antiques, and other showpieces for your interior.


Stop by Bolia and take a peek into a world full of peace, creativity and Scandinavian inspiration. With the peaceful colors, motifs and atmosphere of nature, you can be inspired by the nine different universes.

Room108 & Gusj Market

On the Ketelhuisplein in the old Philips engine room, the interior design store Gusj Market is situated together with Room108. Their collection consists of a mixture of industrial and stylish pieces. Must have furniture alternates with vintage finds. There are enough combinations to buy or copy for your own home. 

Room108 & Gusj Market
Room108 & Gusj Market

Piet Hein Eek

Eindhoven-based designer and Design Academy Eindhoven Alumnus Piet Hein Eek is best known for his scrap wood furniture. At Strijp-R, he has his own grounds including a workshop and shop, where you can buy his collection of special furniture. Other home accessories such as lamps and tea towels can also be purchased here.


Located in the Urban Shopper, there's a store called de Zitfabriek. At this place, you’ll find everything related to sitting, just as the name suggests (literally sitting factory). Whether you’re looking for the ultimate chill chair or a real eye-catcher, this collection of designer chairs and bar stools offers something for everyone.

De Zitfabriek

OKER Vintage

In the upcoming district better known as the Canal Zone, you will find OKER Vintage. A store specialized in, yes, vintage furniture. Within the collection, you will discover different styles, from boho to Dutch design.

RAW interior

As mentioned before, de Kleine Berg is the perfect place to purchase your next interior piece. A place where your interior hunt will definitely succeed is RAW Interior. At this place, modern and timeless intersect in the form of pure furniture with a touch of raw.


Make your home an even nicer place with some Scandinavian design from STED. Located on the Willemstraat, you'll find the interior design store filled with everything from furniture to lighting, and items made by Design Academy Eindhoven graduates. All the ingredients to make your 'sted', Danish for 'place', even more of your own.