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7x Shops for Games

December has arrived! Are you ready for the holidays? With all the celebrations in mind, we would like to share a few more gift tips. So, how about a good old (board) game? An enjoyable gift for both young and old, and some good entertainment during the dark evenings. Check out these seven shops for all kinds of fun games!

Eppo Strips

For lovers of comic books, fun gadgets, and all kinds of games Eppo is the place to be. Especially for the latter, there are plenty of gems to be found in the store on de Kleine Berg. Here you will find board, card, and other games in unique designs.

Jolie Spellen

Looking for a game that nobody knows yet? Then Jolie Spellen is the ultimate must-visit. Puzzles, playing cards, and party games, the range consists of variations for different age categories and areas of interest.

De Boekenberg

Since 1986, you can visit de Boekenberg for children's books but also for games made for children. With a second store at Strijp-S, located in the local shopping center called Urban Shopper, there’s enough to choose from! 

Flying Tiger


Clothing, home accessories, Dutch design, and last but not least: games. Hutspot has it all. That's not surprising, the store is about 700 m2 and has enough space for a lot of beautiful stuff. The games we’re talking about are on full display: graphic playing cards, a game full of dilemmas, and inspiring games about startups, dreams, and more.

Flying Tiger

Flying Tiger, a store concept from Copenhagen, likes to create products that are out of the box. Especially, when it comes to games and gadgets. The IQ puzzles, the maze game, and the mini billiard table are great as gifts and entertainment during the holiday evenings.

Sissy Boy

Of course, a game has to be entertaining but that doesn’t mean it can’t be good-looking too. Sissy Boy knows best when it comes to a combination of the two. That’s why you’ll find a selection of classic games with a new look in stores and online. Don’t miss out on the games, because they’re educational as well!


For the fanatics among us, GameForce is a real asset in Eindhoven. Not only do they sell games here that you didn't even know existed, but you can also - normally - try them out during the game nights. Are you paying a visit in the near future? Then you’re guaranteed of success.