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Walls with Paint: Beholder

In 'Walls with Paint,' Eindhoven-based artist, photographer, and art lover Lukedaduke shares the story behind outstanding street art in Eindhoven. This month: the abstract work by Ralph Roelse.

Since last year, you can find fresh paintings on the walls at the junction of Sportlaan and Hastelweg. Street artist Wladimir Manshanden found a new spot where artists can create art on invitation. One of these people is local artist Ralph Roelse. With a background in photography and graffiti, he is inspired by the industrial landscapes found across the borders of Belgium and Germany.

Now, his work can be discovered on the walls of Sportlaan. This work is a mix between graffiti and abstract art. On the right, you can spot an abstract figure with one giant eye: as the beholder, you are being watched. And that links back to the raw and sketched letters that have been applied: The Eye Of The Beholder.

For two years, Ralph followed a talent development process of eMoves: UC Masters. During this process, he was coached, together with two other artists, by a mentor. Along  with Antigoon and Baroem, they showed their works in De Fabriek Eindhoven last June as the grande finale of their process at UC Masters.

If you missed this, try cycling to Sportlaan and visit Sterrenlaan. Ralph painted a couple of traffic lockers along the way.