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Walls with Paint: Dutmala tunnel

In 'Walls with Paint,' Eindhoven local, photographer, and art fan Lukedaduke shares the story behind a special street art project in Eindhoven. This month: a minimalistic work by Elian Chali.

Since 2013, the Dumala tunnel has had a light and sound installation called Transit Mania. The installation is interactive and follows cyclists and pedestrians through the tunnel.

A mural painted by Elian Chali recently accompanied the installation.

A must-see: when the morning light hits the tunnel

Elian is an Argentinian artist that worked his magic on the tunnel via Murals Inc. He likes his work to have a dialogue with its environment; the walls of the building or structure he works on participate in his pieces.

Elian works mainly with the primary colors (blue, yellow, and red) and a combination of black and white. In this case, he also used some green. 

His minimalistic and abstract work in the Dutmala tunnel strengthens the descent and sharp corner towards the tunnel. It seems like the shapes are flowing into the tunnel like waves. For a moment, cyclists appear to be surfers. 

Walls with Paint

The use of bright colors lights up the tunnel, especially when morning light hits it—a must-see.

And last but not least, instead of working with his usual material, latex, Elian painted the tunnel with colored anti-graffiti coating. A first!