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Walls with Paint: Focus

In 'Walls with Paint' Eindhoven local, photographer, and art fan Lukedaduke shares the story behind a special street art project in Eindhoven. This month: the vibrant work called Focus.

Two significant events during this year's fall did not follow through due to the well-known circumstances. The Dutch Design Week quickly found a solution by presenting their event online.

Light Festival GLOW is a real-life experience, but groups of interested visitors are a big no right now during this period.


However, there is a new piece of light art to admire in Eindhoven: underneath the highway A2 at the Welschapsedijk created by Motion Paintings.

Motion Paintings is an Amsterdam-Eindhoven collective and has installed work in Eindhoven before at a walkway at Strijp-S. The collective creates visually stimulating installations that bring two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects to life with the help of light installations.

A little comfort: this mural is a great alternative if you miss GLOW

Their work Focus is inspired by microscopic phenomenon after an excursion at Thermo Fisher Scientific, an Eindhoven-based company that produces electron microscopes.

The various color layers in the mural are brought to life by the continuously changing LED lights.

This mural is a permanent part of the Tunnelvisie-project by the city of Eindhoven and is supported by GLOW Eindhoven.