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Walls with Paint: Kid Kura

In 'Walls with Paint,' Eindhoven-based artist, photographer, and art lover Lukedaduke shares the story behind unique street art in Eindhoven. This month: the eye-catching works 'Faces' and 'Brickboy' by Saman Dezai, a.k.a. Kid Kura.

Kid Kura graduated as a graphic designer as well as an illustrator. As a result, his work is a reflection of this! The use of bright, harsh colors is a constant theme. In the streets of Eindhoven, these colorful figures, called 'Faces,' are painted on the 'control boxes' of traffic lights.

You'll find one at the end of the Noord-Brabantlaan, for example. If you travel by bike, you'll encounter more cheerful characters from Kid Kura along the way. 

Walls with Paint
The use of bright, harsh colors is a constant theme.

Want to see more from Kid Kura? Simply follow the next route, by bike, of course, with a brand new surprise at the end! From the Noord-Brabantlaan, continue to the Beemdstraat and end at Strijp-S. Just before Dutch Design Week, a massive 'Brickboy' was left on the walls of skate hall Area 51. Have fun!