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Walls with Paint: Kleine Bleekstraat

In 'Walls with Paint', Eindhoven local, photographer, and art fan Lukedaduke shares the story behind a special street art project in Eindhoven. This month: the playful work of art at Kleine Bleekstraat.

The Kleine Bleekstraat in Eindhoven isn’t a very well-known street, except for visitors of recordshop Ray Elpee. It is a side street of the Vestdijk towards the Havenstraat and the Eindhovens Kanaal.

If you know the street, you've probably seen the mural with the famous Lempke (Eindhoven light bulb); it has been there for a number of years and was made by a number of local and international artists.

Since 2019, on the other side of the small parking lot, there is a mural with the name “The Return of Cinderella In The Floating Volmar Woods”. The most notable on this mural is perhaps not the painting itself but the object attached to the wall: a real chair!

Are you a visitor of Ray Elpee? Then you certainly know the Kleine Bleekstraat and this mural

The artist FISH has a background in graffiti and has been a professional artist since 2008. His paintings often contain surrealistic but also stylized elements. His inspiration depends on the moment, what he reads, sees or hears.

The commission for this mural came from the owner of the property who owns it as a rental. He wanted a playful mural because the wall itself was regularly covered with unsolicited graffiti work.

The jumping girl was soon chosen as the subject but the artist and owner of the property were still looking for something special. In the end an unorthodox solution was chosen: a spatial chair.

Kleine Bleekstraat
Kleine Bleekstraat