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Walls with Paint: The story

In 'Walls with Paint,' Eindhoven-based artist, photographer, and art lover Lukedaduke shares the story behind outstanding street art in Eindhoven. This month the pillars of the Boschdijk painted by artists EROSIE and PREF.

Great news: temperature is rising, and we can say goodbye to our umbrellas. That means the mural season is about to begin! The first plans at the city council are approved, they are waiting to be carried out, and the graffiti festival Step in the Arena is on its way for another epic edition.

These works make the viewer puzzle to read the message correctly

One mural, or better said murals, that stayed with me are the tunnel pillars painted by EROSIE and PREF at Boschdijk. When you hop on your bike from Best to Eindhoven, you will notice the works of EROSIE. At Boschdijk, this Eindhoven artist made another Support Structures series supporting the above-road surface.

Het verhaal PREF

Pedaling, or driving, in the other direction, you will see the works of English artist PREF. His roots are in graffiti art, and he has been a mural artist for almost 20 years. In his career, he researches common words and phrases. Usually, these letters are bent or twisted, making the viewer puzzling to read the message correctly.

At Boschdijk, you must unleash the Sherlock Holmes inside you to read the text. PREF has written a sentence (in Dutch) on twelve pillars telling you his story. Take the challenge and read it yourself. Can you figure out what it says?