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Walls with Paint: Upright

In "Walls with Paint," Eindhoven-based artist, photographer, and art lover Lukedaduke shares the story behind outstanding street art in Eindhoven. This month he shares the story of four cheerful pillars, part of the project Upright.

Who are behind these artworks? Find out below! Usually, during winter, it's relatively quiet in street art world. It's too cold and too wet. So, the majority of artists spend this time preparing for the sunny days. 

But the action never stops. Thanks to the initiative of Heuvel Eindhoven and Emoves, there has been a lot of painting and creating over the past few weeks. Under the name 'Upright,' a project by Jasper van Es, four talented artists got to work in the indoor shopping center.

With almost 200 entries and four pillars to fill, it was difficult to choose. Eventually, the judges managed to pick four artists to sprinkle their mural magic on the pillars.

Walls With Paint Heuvel Eindhoven
Walls With Paint Heuvel Eindhoven

The first amazing artist is someone we talked about before: Kid Kura. This time his bright colors were applied to the pillar. Not with paint, but with large stickers. The next artist is Nina Valkhoff, a hands-on expert we can say. Using acrylic paint, she has applied a beautiful collage of hyper-realistic animals and plants.

Coming up next is artist ANDRE HZS. His work is abstract and organic, with a significant influence on graffiti. Check it for yourself. And last but not least, none other than Zena-Rae. Her bright pink work seems to be in constant change of motion. The dancing figures are almost popping off the pillars.

Together, the four completely different works merge into one piece. Check them out next time you visit the Heuvel!