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How do you survive the intro week in Eindhoven?

Ready to rock the intro week in Eindhoven? Buckle up, because before even touching a textbook on campus, there's something way more crucial on your agenda: conquering the intro week. But hey, no worries – with our tips, you'll totally nail it. Dance till the break of dawn, indulge in a post-party breakfast, and get ready for what might just be the best time of your life. Here's how to not only survive the intro week but totally slay it in Eindhoven. 

Intro Week 101

Alright, listen up: both Fontys Hogescholen and Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) are throwing their intro weeks together from August 21st to 25th. You'll learn all about your course and student life, while bonding with your fellow students and exploring the city. Even though these intros happen in the same week, they're like separate parties – each with its own line-up.

Fontys intro

Calling all Fontys peeps! The Purple Intro Week is your launchpad into college life. You've got two days lined up by your department, a chill day with a BBQ and pub crawl (RSVP only), the legendary Purple Festival where all Fontys students come together to party, and the grand finale: a welcome bash on Friday.

TU/e intro

If you're a smarty-pants at the Technische Universiteit (Bachelor or Master level), prepare yourself for a week of activities. From bonding with your intro-parents over dinner to getting to know sports and student associations. Wait till Thursday comes around! That’s when you dive headfirst into Eindhoven's nightlife. End the week on Friday with an "All TU/egether" event and then it's off to your comfy bed at home (hopefully).


Beauty sleep matters

Listen, you're gonna end up sleep-deprived post-intro. But you can minimize the zombie vibes by crashing close by. Skip the commute and stay in the hood. Your own cozy bed is ideal, but if you're still hunting for that perfect student pad, no sweat. These ten tips will help you find your own place. Want to taste the college house life before committing? Check out crashplace, where you can bunk in with an Eindhoven student houseduring the intro. And guess what? No need to go on a room scavenger hunt – both Fontys and TU/e offer intro camping spots. Craving a solid night's rest? Peep our spending the night page for hotels and B&Bs.

Breakfast of champions

Most likely, breakfast isn't part of the program. But don't worry, this is your chance to explore Eindhoven’s breakfast scene (perfect for future hangovers). Bright and early, Stadsbakkerij Broodt and Meneer de Boer have your back with croissants-to-go or lavish breakfast options. Dirven even opens at 7:00 AM. Whether you're craving a caffeine kick, an epic sandwich, or a brunch bonanza, Eindhoven's got it all. Check out our guide for more brekkie joints!


The best budget eats

In case you need some fuel before diving into the Eindhoven nightlife scene, these joints won't empty your wallet (when dinner's not included). Poke bowls, pizza spots, and snack bars – these spots will fill you up without breaking the bank. 

Eindhoven’s nightlife

Alright, brace yourself, because the intro week is your ticket to discovering Eindhoven's nightlife scene. Chances are, Stratumseind is on your radar. Makes sense, considering it's the longest party street in the Netherlands. Most study associations have their designated café on Stratumseind, but if you prefer to pick your own, we might have some suggestions you’d like. Café 't Lempke is the ultimate party den, RGB Disco brings the silent disco magic, and at the Belgisch Biercafé (Belgian beer café), you kick-start the night. Got more energy? Places like PIXL Club and HAVEN throw parties till the break of dawn. Can't resist the call of the night? Dive into our nightlife guide.

Craving for the night of Eindhoven?

Then this guide is for you! We take you to incredible nightlife spots, the coziest bars, and the best parties. Are you ready?

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